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A Fair Mystery Publisher New York International Book Company Notes This Is An OCR Reprint There May Be Numerous Typos Or Missing Text There Are No Illustrations Or Indexes When You Buy The General Books Edition Of This Book You Get Free Trial Access To Million Books.com Where You Can Select From Than A Million Books For Free You Can Also Preview The Book There.

  • Nook
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  • A Fair Mystery
  • Charlotte M. Brame
  • 11 February 2019

About the Author: Charlotte M. Brame

Charlotte Mary Brame middle name sometimes given as Monica, last name sometimes spelled Braeme was an English author of romantic novels She also wrote under the pseudonym

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    Classic Victorian melodrama The villains are evil, the spoiled daughter self centered, and Conscience the Nemesis of all wrongdoers Your sins will find you out, in horrid and gruesome ways I began listening on Librivox, but got to a narrator who was frankly of too thick an acce...

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    This story revolves around Doris Brace and the havoc she wreaks in the lives of those around her She is left on the doorstep of the Braces by an unkown wealthy lady The Braces are good people but spoil Doris because of her beauty and the allowance sent to them anonymously Doris grows up vain, selfish, and cruel She abandons her engagement to a gentleman poet farmer Earle Moray to be the mistress of a wealthy man The consequences of that decision make up the rest of the storyline.The character of Doris is chilling in her disregard for the feelings her fellow man To a degree that she is almost inhuman throughout most of the novel She is no pitiful Emily from David Copperfield who goes to ruin for the love and deceit of a worthless man She leaves the man she has some affection for to be with a man she does not like for money Brame does make her human and pitiable towards the end of the story, which was needed It is a moral tale so to speak, but it us not overly heavy handed as to mar the storyline Doris consequences with the exception of the most dire of them are a result of her own deceit Though you still pity her when the ultimate consequence comes.There are faults in the novel The character of Earle Moray is poor No man could be as blind and weak as he is and have any self respect So much...

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    The story is one of those old fashioned melodramas, the tale of a heartless flirt and the men she ensnares and the lessons she learns and the cruel fate awaiting those who choose vanity over virtue It s hard to get into at first, but by the end you find yourself rather inves...

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