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Live to Give Want To Do Something For God But Don T Know What Want To Help Others But Don T Know Who Want To Know What It Is You Re Really Good At Doing Your Gifts May Feel Small And Insignificant But God Can Use Them To Work A Miracle Inspired By The Biblical Story Of The Feeding Of The 5,000, Live To Give Delivers A Message Of Hope That We All Have Something To Give Written In The Down To Earth, Candid Voice Of The Gifted Young Man Who As A Kid Founded A Relief Ministry That Has Saved And Improved Countless Lives In Africa, Live To Give Is The Message That Every Teen Needs To Hear You Are Special Than You Know, And You Can Do Big Things Jesus Proved That No Gift Is Too Small When He Used Five Loaves And Two Fish To Feed A Crowd Of Thousands And If No Gift Is Too Small, Too Ordinary, Or Too Random, There Is No Limit To What The Youth Of Today Can Accomplish A Teenage Philanthropist Who Has Built A High School, Two Medical Clinics, And A Dormitory In Africa All Before The Age Of 16 Austin Gutwein Shares How To Take What May Seem Like The Simplest Of Talents, Gifts, And Interests And Use Them For Something Jesus Can Use To Move Mountains.Meets National Education Standards.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Live to Give
  • Austin Gutwein
  • English
  • 21 June 2018
  • 9781400319930

About the Author: Austin Gutwein

In the spring of 2004, Austin watched a video that showed children who had lost their parents to AIDS After watching the video, he realized these kids weren t any different from him except they were suffering Austin felt God calling him to do something to help them He decided to shoot free throws and on World AIDS Day, 2004, he shot 2,057 free throws to represent the 2,057 kids who would be orp

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    A well written book that certainly encourages the reader to think about what he she could do to help their neighbors Austin should be commended for his efforts with his non profit, Hoops for Hope It is good for all ages, but is especially for teens.

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    Definitely aimed at youth Encourages youth to take something that they enjoy and or they re good at and use it to make a difference in the world.

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    Cute extended metaphor Vague and circular.

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    Austin Gutwein in his new book, Live To Give published by Thomas Nelson helps us Let God Turn Your Talents into Miracles.From the back cover God doesn t need your help But He definely wants it.Let s face it God is God, and there isn t a single problem in the universe that He can t solve But the fact is, God gave each of us unique talents for a reason.When we offer up the gifts He s given us, He will transform them into something bigger than we could have ever imagined He might even work a miracle, like turning one lunch into a meal for 5,000 people Or turning Austin Gutwein s favorite hobby into an international AIDS relief organization What gifts do you have to offer God tells us that there is nothing too hard for Him and that there is nothing that He cannot do So here is the question, what does He need us for God has chosen to work together with us to accomplish His purposes When Jesus is on the mountain and He looks at the crowd that had 5,000 men not including the women and children He saw they were hungry and decided to feed them If He had wanted Jesus could have turned the stones into bread and feed everybody but He chose to work, instead, with the lunch that a boy had Austin Gutwein gives us the tools we could use to change our mind sets and give our talents to God the same way that boy gave up his lunch At the end of every chapter there are study questions that will help focus all the teaching ...

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    Live to Give is a book about unpacking and discovering and using the gifts and talents God has graciously given to you We all have received different gifts from our Creator and it s vital we don t spend our time and energy envying other person s gifts Like most teenagers, Austin Gutwein has struggled with comparing himself to other people appearances and gifts He always hated his freckles and he had trouble going outside because if he was outside to long his skin would sunburn He believed and sometimes felt like he wasn t good enough to make a different in the world He eventually rose above and decided to get involved with using the gifts God has bestowed to him At age nine, he started an organization called Hoops of Hope He initiated a plan to shoot baskets in order to get people to donate to his cause and outreach He even stated that he missed quite a few shoot when he played basketball but he used what little God has given him and God took him to another level He has raised over three million dollars for communities in Africa.Austin Gutwein polled random sampling to gather data about what people feared in their lif...

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    I rarely read non fiction books, but after this read, I came away with a deeper desire to find out what I have to give to others I was surprised to find out that this book was written by a teenager and that alone was encouraging The first chapter was very clear God doesn t need your help But He definitely wants it This concept reminded me of the verse found in John 15 16,You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit fruit that will last Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name Austin is wise beyond his years and it shows through his writing and thought provoking study questions The message of giving spoke to my heart and encouraged me to give of myself in God s service Through this book I ve become aware of the struggles of others and aware that, if even in a small way, I can help I found Austin s writing to be jam packed with humor After reading a few chapters, this boy s love for food is obvious and he uses that to his advantage in teaching and making the message understandable Jokes here and there, real life experiences and internal struggles help in making the read relatable Aside from the fun, this study was also very scripture based which I loved His writing style appeals to teens but his message applies to everyone Each chapter provided practical and profound action steps to discovering what I h...

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    If you re an adult reading this prepare to have your eyes opened especially if you ve become complacent in your life To know that a 9 year old started his own charity and has gone on to much bigger things all in the name of serving the Lord makes me feel well small I m going to make sure that my 10 year old reads this book as she always wanted to open up a free grocery store, her idea is that poor people could shop like the rest of us without feeling embarrassed by not having money Suffice to say my children want to make a difference and their heart is with the less fortunate in our community where as mine has always laid in China and Africa.I really liked the fact that Austin made sure that the teen reading this learns how to discover their spiritual gifts and he wasn t shy about what is a spiritual gift Recommending the child first go to their parent assuming that the child s parent s are Christians and then to others like the Pastor and other trusted adult friends and or family The only thing I found myself disagreeing with was his take on bullying bullies are bullies and while some victims may be those who do service acts not all are I was bullied in middle school I did ...

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    This was a very inspiring book Most of the time while I was reading it I forgot how young the author is He has a very mature way of writing Then there were times that he would say something that would snap me back to reality and I d realize just how young he was It was amazing to read his story To think, someone so young has done something so fantastic with his life already Just imagine all the amazing things he s yet to accomplish.I liked that the message focused on the little boy who gives his lunch to Jesus, and Jesus performs a miracle using that boy s lunch This boy and his seemengly meager lunch was used to feed thousands of people While it s a story we re all familiar with I d never really focused that much attention to it Gutwein shows how something so simple can become something much significant if we allow ourselves to give our gifts to God.This book was so well written, as I said earlier I kept forgetting how young the author is But I think his youth is what makes this book so enjoyable He s so enthusiastic about his message the kind of enthusiasm children often have about everything Not only does his enthusiasm show through but he s able to take the concepts he s trying to convey and make them so simple.I know this book is geared towards children, teens, and young adults but I think the message is one what we all can benefit from As we get older I think we tend to feel as if...

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    aking a difference in the world is something I am passionate about, and it is clear that Austin Gutwein feels the same way Austin has brought us a book that I heartily enjoyed and can recommend Live to Give Letting God Turn Your Talents Into Miracles This is a book for everyone Austin has a very practical, realistic, and Scriptural view of how God has blessed each one of us with unique talents and abilities, and how He desires that we would use them to impact the world With an in depth look at the boy who let Jesus turn his lunch into a meal for 5,000 people, we are encouraged to do the same with our own gifts.Austin definitely has the gift of exhortation and the abilitty to inspire confidence in others The stories of what he has done with his 18 years of life are so inspirational He knows what he is talking about and he is living it out That s the best kind of message bearer one can be I thought he did a great job speaking realistically on the challenges we can face when we choose to give of ourselves, and presented practical ways to overcome these obstacles.Giving of your time, talents, and abilities is an amazing thing As Austin points out, not only do we change the world but we change ourselves We grow by using our gifts I know this has been true over and over again in my...

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    Austin Gutwein is an inspiring person.Not only has the 18 year old written several books, but he has created a non profit ministry called Hoops for Hope the largest free throw marathon organization in the world.At least 40,000 people in than 25 countries have raised at least 2.5 million to build schools, medical clinics, dorms for orphanages and the only computer lab in Zambia.In his newest book, Live To Give, Gutwein challenges teens to find a way to make a difference regardless of their age or talent.I found this book to be an easy read Using a friendly writing style, Gutwein has found a way to explore developing a lifestyle of giving.Each chapter has personal antidotes, along with inspiration, as well as a series of questions all designed to help students explore the benefits and joy of giving.I think this is a book I could give to the teens in my life, in orde...

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