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Minder On The Eve Of Her Eighteenth Birthday, Aurora Valente Goes Through Some Disturbing Changes She Purrs And Craves Raw Meat Most Alarming Of All, She S Taken To Chasing Wildlife.Her Aunt Gives Her A Beautiful, Antique Choker And Tells Her A Story About A Shapeshifting Minder Princess, And The Beast That Hunts The Minder S Descendants.To Aurora It S Only A Storytill Later That Night When Her Whole World Takes A Turn Into Terror A Horrific Beast Chases Her Through The Woods, Where A Puma With The Eyes Of A Stranger Comes To Her Rescue.While The Beast And Puma Fight, She Feels Her Bones Break And Reform Her Scream Comes Out A Snarl She Lands On All Fours, A Beautiful Panther.

  • ebook
  • Minder
  • Sandra Cox
  • 08 November 2017

About the Author: Sandra Cox

www.sandracox1.com and click on the cat tab Her twenty second book, LOVE, LATTES AND DANGER, a YA fantasy published by Kensington comes out in August.

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    Aurora Valente, known as Rora, is a feisty and likeable heroine, determined and strong, with whom teenagers and young women will be able to easily identify Kylar is the type of hero we all like to dream of strong, handsome, extremely rich, and sensitive He also has a secret or two of his own Kylar and Rora meet at a restaurant where her Aunt has taken her to celebrate her 18th birthday and the chemistry between him and Aurora is obvious from the start When her Aunt, with whom she has lived since her parents were killed, gives her a very unusual necklace, and tells her the story behind it, Rora realises she has an unbelievable destiny to fulfill, and that Kylar is far than the ordinary, if striking, young businesman he appears to be Without any explicit language or anything than a kiss,the author manages to convey the sizzling sexual tension between the two while keeping the action moving on every page Kylar has moments where he seems distant and reluctant to get too close to Aurora, despite the electricity between the two of them, but he does have a good reason, which he is reluctant to reveal to her Being an admirer of Native American culture I liked the way Sandra Cox wove a moving Indian legend into her story, providing a logical and original rationale for the shifter element of the story Minder is different to most of the shifter stories I have come across and Ms Cox gets beneath the skins of the two big cats in a way that is re...

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    YA, shapeshifters and suspense.Aurora had no idea what she d inherited from her mother, now on her 18th birthday, she learns that she s not only a panther, but a protector of innocent Fighting evil and meeting her soulmate, Kylar.

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