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From Scratch Our Lives Are A Cascade Of Events That Pass Faster Than We Would Like Them To Time Changes Everything Our Habits, Our Views, Our Circle Of Friends But There Is One Thing That Remains The Same Over The Years Our Memories.Through Them We Cherish The Most Unforgettable Moments Of Our History And They Also Retain Some Things That Can T Be Forgotten.But One Day You Realize That Yesterday Should Be Left In The Past Because Tomorrow Your New Life Begins, And You Go Back To The Drawing Board A Love Story Of Evan Murray And Tara Mackenzie.A Story That Should Last Forever.But No One Knows When Forever Ends.

  • Paperback
  • 61 pages
  • From Scratch
  • Diana Nixon
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9781477682838

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10 thoughts on “From Scratch

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    Best Part of the book EVAN Oh, I didn t think that Diana could make me love him any BUT I WAS WRONG I was able to see Evan in a whole different light This was just 60 pages of Evan s and Tara s relationship and I loved every word of it With the other books in the series we as readers don t not really understand why Evan and Tara relationship ended Especially, when I think they are so perfect together With this book, we learn the ups and downs of the relationship and why it ended However, after reading this I began to understand MORE of the interactions of Evan and Tara in the other books I really want to go so in depth in this review of the book, but it will spoil those who have not read i...

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    I LOVED this work Diana Nixon has written another wonderful tell, full of love and loss staring her character Evan Finally we get to see a little into what happened between him and the love of his life The book is written with Evan reading and reliving his favorite and painful memories from his journal diary entries, which he has decided is time to get rid of and move on.After reading this wonderful addition to the Love Lines Series a side background story I am looking forward to reading the next book and seeing how Evans future turns out I recommend this for everyone even people who have never read another Love Lines book.I have a feeling that until h...

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    This is a short story about Evan s and Tara relationship I didn t think it could be possible to love this books , I was wrong When I read Love Lines I didn t quite understand why the relationship between those two ended, especially because it leaved me with the feeling that they steel are in love with each other With this book, we learn the ups and downs of the relationship and why it ended After reading this book, I know Eva...

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    Review also appears on my blogFINALLY Evans story Thanks Diana for letting me read this So we finally get the insight into Evans and Tara s relationship I know we ve been waiting forever to find out what happened I feel like I know Evan better now and I understand why he still can t get over Tar...

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    Very well written I enjoyed Diana Nixon s writing style tremendously She has a way of pulling into a story and not letting you go until the very end

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    review coming soon

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    You can read my review here, too.Sometimes we think that what we choose is the best for us, but there are few things that are really good for us Carried by our feelings we forget that nothing last forever So in the end all we have are our memories Through them we live again the most important moment from our lives, but sometimes people forget that they are part of past and what was can never be again We have always to look into the future and leave the past behind us One step forward and non back.From Scratch is the story of Even Murray and his old relationship with Tara Mackenzie This is an amazing story about Even, we find out about this amazing boy that has stolen the hearts from so many girls that have read the first books from Love Lines I was thrilled when Diana released the book, because Even is one of the best characters that I have ever read about This short story speaks about Evan s life after his parents death and his relationship with Tara.What I can say for sure is that I dropped some tears while reading Diana has succeeded to bring all his feelings at surface and create a beautiful story While reading you find yourself in Evan s place wondering how you would re...

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.Thank you SO much,Diana EvanIsSoHotILoveHim Hmm,yeah.I didn t say it Yes,I did Ok,ok,I love Evan.He s just super hot and adorable and he s my new characters cursh.He reminds me a lot of Adrian from The Vampire Academy ,character that I also love.Not as much as I love Evan,of course From Scratch is an amazing little story I loved being in Evan s head for 61 pages or so.And I loved finding out about his mysterious story Though he seems a very unbreakable,powerful and funny lad, truth is that Evan has a sad past and a broken heart.But in From Scratch , he decides to get over to everything that happened to him in the past.But not before he reads his own diary,where he wrote every important memory that he has And that s how we find out his story.Well, just a part of it.I am sure that there is about Evan...

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    This the story of Evan, his meeting with Tara, his end with Tara In this book we see Eileen and Christian a little and all the book is in the POV of Evan He tells us where, when and how he meets Tara If you don t like Evan before that s impossible but just in case you ll like him here, he is sarcastic...

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    Oh how I adore Evan From Scratch is a novella that delves into Evan s life, Dear Diary style We get to see the important moments from Evan s past both happy and heart breaking that makes you adore him even .

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