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    Although many now correlate the experience of sexual abuse as a child with the later experience of becoming an abuser predator very few texts have tackled the issue in a clear way If you don t care to be bogged down in research and are looking for a foundation and suggestions for therapy and training give this book a read I found it useful.

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    Difficult to read, but insightful reading just the same

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From Child Sexual Abuse to Adult Sexual Risk From Child Sexual Abuse To Adult Sexual Risk Examines The Relation Between Child Sexual Abuse CSA And Adult Sexual Health Outcomes In Men And Women An Emerging Body Of Literature Suggests That Children Who Experience Sexual Violence Are Likely To Engage In Sexual Risk Behavior And, Consequently, May Be Vulnerable To Many Negative Reproductive And Sexual Health Problems As Adults These Problems Include Unwanted Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV Infection, And Adult Sexual Violence In This Singular Volume, Leading Researchers And Clinicians Integrate Research From A Variety Of Disciplines, Including Epidemiology, Traumatology, And Prevention Science, To Bridge The Current Scientific Literatures On CSA, Basic Trauma Research, And Clinical Practice Chapters Identify The Theory And Research Based Cognitive, Affective, Social, And Behavioral Consequences Of Trauma That Influence Both Sexual Health And Sexual Risk Behaviors In Adulthood The Volume Also Highlights New Approaches That Begin To Translate These Findings Into Interventions For People Who Have Experienced CSA This Comprehensive Resource Delineates An Emerging Field Of Research That Will Help Set A New C