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The Israel/Palestine Question (Rewriting Histories S.) In This Second Edition Of The Israel Palestine Question, Ilan Pappe Showcases Some Of The Most Recent Areas Of Scholarly Interest In The History Of The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Including Only Works Which Challenge Previous Conceptions And Paradigms, Ilan Pappe Emphasizes A Number Of Recent Developments In The Conventional Historiography.All The Chapters In This Edition Are Written By Israeli Or Palestinian Scholars, Illustrating How Much The Desire To Revisit The History Of The Conflict Comes From Historians Belonging To The Conflicting Parties The Book Also Presents Work Influenced By Wider Historiographical Developments, For Instance The Current Interdisciplinary Drive, As Well As A Sceptical View Of Elite Historical Narratives And The Rise Of Non Elite History.This Edition Includes Revisionist Views On The Formation Of Palestine Revised Sections On The History Of The 1948 War And The Experiences Of Palestinians In Israel A New Section On Women S History.With A Fully Updated Introduction, Ilan Pappe S Timely Anthology Is A Stimulating Guide To The Complex History And Politics Of The Middle East.

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    A useful compendium of chapters relating to major issues in the historiography of the Israel Palestine conflict The average reader will not find every entry useful, but one or two chapters are bound to command interest However, I would...

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    A really good introduction to how the historical documentations of Israel and Palestine have been conducted, and how this has contributed to the conflict today

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