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Revolvo and Other Canadian Tales In This Remarkably Extravagant Collection, The Author Of Ruin Of Feathers Takes On Settings Ranging From The Prairies To The North Woods To The City And Characters Ranging From Humans To Subhumans To Wild Animals , To Cast Sometimes A Tender And At Other Times A Grimly Or Wildly Humourous And Always Intensely Original Eye At The Vicissitudes Of Life In Canada From Magic Realism To Gothic To Satire, Lundin Displays A Broad And Evocative Range Of Style.Of Ruin Of Feathers Original And Intense Debut Collection Books In Canada There S That Rare Air Of Authenticity Lundin Unveils A Mythos That Is As Much Canadian As It Is Central American This Book Introduces A Strong New Writer To Canada S Literary Cimmunity Clarke Blaise These Finely Crafted Stories Mark An Impressive Debut From An Original And Talented Writer Jack Hodgins

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