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    Fantastic book to gain an understanding from the mindset of a soldier during the Vietnam war Ehrhart does a great job describing his transformation throughout the war If you want to gain an understanding of war and the mindset of soldiers then definitely read this book It s muche...

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    Good book on one man s decline during the war, but the most compelling part for me was his return home and the reception he receives, not from the mostly mythological soldier hating hippies, but from everyday Americans, the silent majority types.

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    One of the all time greatest memoirs of the Vietnam War 100% genuine truth from a Marine who thought he was doing the right thing only to discover after much pain and suffering that the War was a complete and total disaster of suffering and death Bil...

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    Simply fantastic

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Vietnam Perkasie In 1982, John Newman, Curator Of The Vietnam War Literature Collection At Colorado State University, Said Of W.D Ehrhart As A Poet And Editor, Bill Ehrhart Is Clearly One Of The Major Figures In Vietnam War Literature This Autobiographical Account Of The War, The Author S First Extended Prose Work, Demonstrates Ehrhart S Abilities As A Writer Of Prose As Well Vietnam Perkasie Is Grim, Comical, Disturbing, And Accurate The Presentation Is Novelistic Truly, A Page Turner But The Events Are All Real, The Atmosphere Intensely Evocative.