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    A wonderful account of the lives and experiences of the men and woman tied most deeply to the conservation movement, specifically the Northern Forest, the land that they have lived on for generations Dobbs and Ober do a great job in explaining how conservation is not merely setting aside land to look at, but reestablishing a need for responsible management of the land that allows landowners not only reap benefits now, but maintain those benefits for years to come Central to the book, and what I believe is the thesis of the work, is the idea that local communities need to be part of the conversation on conservation This theses is built upon through highly detailed descriptions of the experiences multiple landowners had in their respective states,...

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    I really wanted to give this book five stars Up until the final section, New York and Beyond, I thought I would But there was too much beyond in this section and not enough New York The sensitive, in depth look into the lives of families and individuals living in and working in the Northern Forest was missing from the brief chapter on the Adirondacks While the brief history of the Adirondack Park and the recounting of the property rights vs conservation conflicts there were useful, especially in the context of the work of the Northern Forest Lands Council in the early 1990s, it was disappointing to find that this was really all that the authors had to say about the region Unlike the other regions, individuals, and families, whose stories were told in great detail, the chapter on the Adirondacks felt like an afterthought Perhaps I m biased, though, having been born and raise...

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The Northern Forest Focuses On The Lives Of Northern Forest Residents A Mill Worker, A Forester, Several Loggers, A Fishing Guide, And A Christmas Tree Farming Family And Discover An Extraordinary Sense Of Place That Arises In Those Who Have A Continuous, Working Relationship With The Land.