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    Having lived twice in Dodge City, KS, it should be expected that I would pick up this book to read The subtitle is, The Story of Mrs Virgil Earp In Dodge City the main drag is named after Wyatt Earp, and on that street is his statue Yet he did not live in Dodge City very long less than five years and ...

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    If you enjoy history books that debunk myths, you will like this one The story we are told the Earps as lawmen cleaning up the town, is actually pretty far from the truth As Waters puts it, Wyatt was an itinerant saloonkeeper, card s...

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    Facinating look at what really happened that lead to the shootout at the OK corral and beyond A terrific peak behind the legend and how they come about Yes, those that live the longest get to set history.

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    Waters book debunks the Wyatt Earp myth and is worth reading for that reason alone.

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The Earp Brothers of Tombstone The Earp Brothers Of Tombstone And The Famous Fight At The O K Corral Are Well Known To American History And Even Better Known To American Legend This Composite Biography Of Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil, James, And Warner Earp Is Based On The Recollections Of Mrs Virgil Earp, Dictated To The Author In The 1930s, And Amplified By Documents He Unearthed In 1959 In His Review Of The Book For Library Journal, W S Wallace Stated That He Considered The Earp Brothers Of Tombstone The Most Authoritative Account Ever To Be Published On The Subject.