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One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner (P.S.) Nothing Less Than Spellbinding It S An Eye Opener Anecdotal Without Being Tawdry, Analytical Without Being Academic, It Captures The Essence Of Faulkner S Life With The Narrative Drive Of A Novel Houston Chronicle A Splendid Life Of William Faulkner Not Only Readable But Downright Enthralling Seattle TimesWilliam Faulkner Was A Literary Genius, And One Of America S Most Important And Influential Writers Drawing On Previously Unavailable Sources Including Letters, Memoirs, And Interviews With Faulkner S Daughter And Lovers Jay Parini Has Crafted A Biography That Delves Into The Mystery Of This Gifted And Troubled Writer His Faulkner Is An Extremely Talented, Obsessive Artist Plagued By Alcoholism And A Bad Marriage Who Somehow Transcends His Limitations Parini Weaves The Tragedies And Triumphs Of Faulkner S Life In With His Novels, Serving Up A Biography That S As Engaging As It Is Insightful.

  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner (P.S.)
  • Jay Parini
  • English
  • 08 August 2017
  • 9780060935559

About the Author: Jay Parini

Jay Parini born 1948 is an American writer and academic He is known for novels and poetry, biography and criticism.

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    As a by the numbers biography, this is totally fine Having recently read everything Falky ever wrote, I was interested in learning about his life Parini does his job well in that respect You learn Falky as he was the inveterate liar, youthful outsider, raging alcoholic, inveterate adulterer and horse faller offer In fact, by the last chunk of the book and Falky s life, he is falling off horses so goddamn much that it s ridiculous and you can t wait for him to die Anyway, he was a complex guy and obviously had some issues The other part of this work is tying Falky s literary output which Parini also does pretty well You ll learn some interesting things about the novels, especially the core middle ones like Fury and, best of all, since literary interpretation is largely dumb without the author s input, you get a lot of Falky s views on what he wrote and how and why Those are the best bits Where Parini falters is the humdrum assessment of everything Faulkner wrote after, say, Intruder All the later works are dismissed wholesale in a kind of aping of the critical views of the time Whatever Those books are all great, too, and I think warrant closer inspection especially given Falky s mounting personal and psychological issues during those waning years My only quibble That and the sudden ending that missed a chance for some good discussion.

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    I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it, and that by sublimating the actual into the apocryphal I would have the complete liberty to use whatever talent I might have to its absolute top It is my ambition to be, as a private individual, abolished and voided from history, leaving it markless, no refuse save the printed books In Faulkner, the grotesque typically emerges in terms of the horrific He presents a wide array of twisted old spinsters, compulsive sadists, eccentric lovers of beasts, incestuous brothers and fathers, unfeeling mothers, and toothless wonders who revel in the base forms of human behavior In this outstanding biography, the author mentions that one does not read Faulkner, but rereads him I think that is an excellent observation and it is one that highlights my failing, in regards to this difficult southern author Yes, I have read and enjoyed several of his classic novels, but I have only taken a peek, a mere glimpse at what, this writer is trying to convey, so my appreciation is limited I better get busy, catching up with his must read books, plus the inevitable rereading I knew very little about Faulkner s life, which was the reason I wanted to read this bio and I can t imagine another biographer doing a better job, casting an intense spotlight on this man s history, which is endlessly fascinating Parini is also an excellent writer, in his own right, so the narrative hums along like a song In the end, however, William Faulkner stands alone, a master of tragic farce, a wild eyed comedian, a raconteur of the highest order, still sitting around the campfire in the Big Woods, still talking in the thousands of pages that remain his legacy.

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    If my book is successfull, it will bring readers where they belong, to Yoknapatawpha County Esta a frase que encerra esta bem estruturada e interessante biografia, cujo ngulo definidor a obra do biografado, procurando perceber como a vida deste determinou, influenciou e configurou aquilo pelo qual o pr prio pretendia em exclusivo ser conhecido, reconhecido e lembrado pelos livros que lhe sobreviveriam.N o assim um exerc cio de voyeurismo, de interesse exclusivo, mais ou menos assumido, no percurso de vida de William Faulkner desligado da sua arte e do que deixou para a humanidade, s para g udio das curiosidades e inten es menos nobres um estudo da sua obra, dedicando se com relativa profundidade a cada um dos romances que a integram, partindo do homem, das suas conting ncias pessoais e envolv ncia geogr fica, sociol gica e hist rica, das tens es criadas entre o que pretendia ser e o que foi efectivamente, do saudosismo por um tempo, por um modo de vida que nunca existiu mas que sempre almejou alcan ar, do conservadorismo inerente polvilhado de um pendor humanista que de algum modo conflituava com a imagem que projectava como ideal.De tudo isto, de todo o sofrimento, de todos grilh es que o detiveram de uma exist ncia eventualmente mais feliz, nasceu o g nio liter rio, que deixou para todos n s, firmada e perpetuada numa bela escrita, nem sempre clara, nem sequer gramaticalmente correcta, sempre exigente, uma cristaliza o da ang stia universal da exist ncia humana.E s por ter sido a fonte, a inspira o e o impulso para a cria o art stica que o atormentou, que a vida pessoal de Faulkner passa a ser relevante Mas por isso mesmo, diria eu, eventualmente excep o de obriga es acad micas e ou profissionais que poder o determinar a sua leitura, s quem j esteve, gostou de estar e pretende regressar a Yoknapatawpha County que se deter , se interessar e despender tempo a ler esta biografia.E quem o fizer, n o dar seguramente o seu tempo por perdido.

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    I really liked this bookI approached it with jaded eyes because I didn t particlarly care for Jay Parini s biography of John Steinbeck That book wasn t bad it just didn t do a whole lot that was original except it its interpretations of some of Steinbeck s texts I didn t learn much from Parini s Steinbeck that I hadn t already learned from Jackson J Benson s biography, published a number of years earlier.Such was not the case with Parini s One Matchless Time, his Faulkner biography Parini was much thorough than some other biographies I have read detailed without being too detailed, giving a sense of the author, his world, and the times in which he lived His analyses of the novels were good, too, presenting major critical opinions, and weaving his own interpretations, interpreting them as a biographer I came away with a better understanding of Faulkner at a number of levels I recommend this book to anyone who admires Faulkner and to anyone who enjoys reading biography.

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    I just finished this wonderful biography and want to recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Faulkner The book reviews each book that he wrote, some in detail than others, but all of them are covered It also covers his life in detail including his hospitalizations due to drinking and his personal struggles yet it is not an expos I have read seven of Faulkers novels and this book has increased my interest in reading all the Mississippi novels, if not A Fable, Pylon, and Mosquitos.

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    Parini s hero worship isn t very useful emphasis on hyper individuality an author origin ality taking precedent over larger social frameworks In the conclusion he states, In a very real sense, Faulkner fathered himself, having seen fatherhood diluted as it passed down 428 this conceit of Faulkner as god of Yoknapatawpha is periodically asserted Creation myths something out of nothing Diluted blood Seems lazy and old fashioned for a biographer Beyond that, the book was compelling and I m drinking much now.

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    Read this book along with Sound and Fury simultaneously came away with two things one, Faulkner did suffer from the curse of the south and it was burden and two, his rambunctious writing did break new ground psychologically and structurally, but underneath it feels like writing while high so effusive and ramble back and forth But beautiful in the way the characters interact almost in real time feels always alive and as Parini says, not packed with meaning every single sentence, word, paragraph feel sorry for Wm Faulkner almost as much as Tennessee Williams a pained existence.

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    Great biography on W Faulkner

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    Faulkner makes the reader go to work, Conrad Aiken once wrote that likely sums up one s own attitude towards Faulkner one either feels rewarded by putting in the work demanded by a Faulkner novel or frustrated by a waste of energy in deciphering and analyzing I was in the former group in my twenties when an English professor guided me through one of William Faulkner s most challenging novels, The Sound and the Fury That book and others by Faulkner that I eagerly read helped open up the possibilities of literature to me Oddly enough, I didn t spend a lot of time wondering about the writer himself at the time Jay Parini s One Matchless Time finally fills in the gaps Both as biography and critical analysis of Faulkner s body of work, Parini does a creditable job of a difficult task Faulkner has been the subject of exhaustive biographies and countless critical studies, so it often feels that Parini s main job is honing down and summarizing the earlier works of others while adding the insight of interviews Parini had with Faulkner s literary friends over the years One leaves this biography amazed at how Faulkner managed to be as productive and daring in his writing given his life long failure at sobriety, struggles with depression and anxieties over finances So much of his work seemed to pour out of him not only for artistic reasons but practical financial ones, yet the majority of his output holds up very well today as Parini attests Parini s useful summaries of Faulkner s books along with their critical receptions are most welcome and will no doubt inspire further re reading of William Faukner s novels and short stories Faulkner wanted to be widely read but despised any revelation of personal details It is my ambition to be, as a private individual, abolished and voided from history, leaving it markless, no refuse save the printed books , so he probably would not have cared for One Matchless Time But, as revealed in Jay Parini s fine biography, it was too remarkable a life to remain hidden Recommended.

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    I read 50 books in 2015, ending on New Year s Eve with this very satisfying biography of William Faulkner I ve always admired Faulkner s work having read The Sound and the Fury, Light in August, and others at a much earlier age Jay Parini s excellent biography has reawakened and deepened my interest in Faulkner I m currently rereading The Sound and the Fury and plan to read a number of his short stories in 2016 Before reading Parini, I was not so familiar with Faulkner s reputation as a writer of short stories and believe I ve discovered a new genre to fill happy hours in 2016 I ve also learned of what an excellent biographer Mr Parini is and was pleased to read he has written a biography of another of my favorite writers, Leo Tolstoy That book will be on my wish list for 2016.My fascination with Mr Faulkner was awakened early in my life not only by his genius at detail and description, but because I too am from the old south with family history and stories that date back for generations I learned with this biography, he is of the generation of my grandparents and much of his dialogue is recognizable to me from my memory of the talk between my grandparents and their friends On my first reading of Faulkner back in the 1960s I can remember wondering how people who did not grow up in the small town or rural south understood the conversations between his characters Sometimes it is tough plowing but worth the effort to read Faulkner Jay Parini s depiction of this very sensitive and brilliant man is appreciative of his excellent character traits such as endless loyalty to friends and family and he withholds judgement of his faults such as his alcoholism I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys biographies and especially to aspiring writers.

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