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Bright, Catholic—and Gay A Collection Of Award Winning Writer And Activist Danton Remoto S Short Essays On Popular Culture, Politics, And Other Important And Controversial National Issues Remoto Has Taught English And Literature For Than Twenty Years And Worked As A Communications Analyst At The United Nations Development Programme He Is A Multimedia Personality As Host Of A Radio And A TV Show And A Columnist For A Daily And An Online News Portal He Founded The Ladlad Party List In , Whose Accreditation Was Refused By The Commission On Elections This Led To The Historic Decision Affirming The Equality Of LGBT Rights And Opening The Door To Representation In Philippine Congress

  • Paperback
  • 104 pages
  • Bright, Catholic—and Gay
  • Danton Remoto
  • English
  • 01 October 2019

About the Author: Danton Remoto

Danton Remoto was born on 25 March 1963 in Basa Air Base, Pampanga He was an ASEAN scholar at the AdMU where he obtained his AB Interdisciplinary Studies in 1983 With his Robert Southwell scholarship, Remoto obtained his MA English Lit., 1989 then, on a British Council fellowship, another MA in publishing studies, 1990, at the University of Stirling, Scotland.He was a Local fellow for poetry at

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    BRIGHT, CATHOLIC AND GAY is the title of one of Danton Remoto s essays he compiled in this book It aptly describes all the themes of his essays As a matter of fact,the essay is about Raymond Alikpala , the author of the controversial book Of God and Men A Life in the Closet published by Maverick House in 2012 Its original title was God Loves Bakla Bakla means gay Danton Remoto reviewed the book that Alikpala is such a bright person and on how he entered a Jesuit seminary until he was expelled after his homosexual activity was found out But there is a better reason why , among the articles Remoto compiled in this book, he chose Bright, Catholic and Gay as the title If you dissect the title holistically, BRIGHT could refer to the fact that everyone , along with gays, could be colorful in any aspects CATHOLIC may stand for the prelate perception about homosexuality.The DASH before the word gay as you learned from English Writing Composition is also used to indicate a short pause Danton Remoto wants to imply that he as the representative of the confederation still braves out of getting the word gay in edgewise as part of society as what he has been advocating since LADLAD , an LGBT non organization, was founded, or since the time when he shattered the Philippine society under its delusional teachings with his gay literature As a rule being an LGBT rights advocate , most of Danton Remoto s essays are latently couched in social prejudice against homosexuality, how the confederation is still the subject of discrimination because of wrong education One of them is on how LADLAD party list then was declared a nuisance candidate by the Commission on Elections COMELEC , labeling its members abnormal and immoral Another one is on how smart Alec politicians and critics still think of homosexuality as a mental disorder Poor them They still have stuck in a time warp like the troglodytes By the same token, who can t forget Jan jan not his real name , the Cebuano homosexual who had been the butt of jokes and jeers because of the video that went viral around the social media a few years ago The video was about the irresponsible doctors and nurses who recorded for fun or probably for gay joke the perfume canister they removed from Jan jan s rectum Tsk tsk tsk As Danton Remoto put it, they are ones who are sick.Danton Remoto also wrote that the confederation has the normal ability as do men and women If I put it on my own word, Remoto seemingly wants to tell us that society would not be studded with stars and diamonds without them Gays could stand out in literature They could be competent in any fields such as in education, information technology, law, entertainment, and even in building a family Try to exterminate them on the face of the earth, your deep concerns about evil will still remain Gee Life could be like in the Dark Ages One of the big impediment to homosexual freedom in society is the ridiculous , illogical, ironic, and paradoxical teachings of the church Danton Remoto discussed that the church restraints a homosexual from its right to freedom of expression, bourn upon the idea that being gay is a sin You go to hell if you are gay To cap it all off is the insistence that it is ok to be homosexual unless he does not engage in a homosexual activity including same sex marriage Wake up, snotty people In effect, this book is just a compilation of some of well selected Danton Remoto s essays and articles after his Gaydar All the essays are worth reading and interesting since they primarily deals with the same concept homosexuality in the Philippines And of course I can relate to the topics if it weren t Danton Remoto s impressive and witty writing styles , typical of a gay writer who uses gay lingo.Another thing why I liked about this book is its paperback picture of two Davids holding hands with their wings flapping In fact, I would blush when I brought it out on the bus to work It could raise the homophobic passengers brows, for they are malicious and ignorant to boot Fudge I am a product of the social pressure.Danton Remoto will go down in the Philippine history and literature actually he has done it as one of the contemporary writers whose revolutionary vision is to make a big difference in society He has been exerting a lot of effort to completely break the horrendous illusions of the Philippines about homosexuality by means of using his godsend writing talent And for whom I am thankful because if the Universe had not let him be brought to the world, society would remain in the darkness.

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    Engaging, Educational and Fun Some bits were pretty predictable I ve heard the same dilemmas, the same heartaches before The perks of having gay friends My first book by Danton Remoto And it won t be my last This should be 3 1 2 stars.

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    Bright, Catholic and Gay is one of the essays Danton Remoto included in this book There are a lot of interesting essays compiled in this book but these are the titles that I liked 1 Half a Lifetime Ago I liked this because Danton narrated his experience during People Power Revolution and how he chose to serve his motherland over other countries that could give him better opportunities 2 Lovers Redux Danton s book review of Ricky Lee s Para kay B, his first novel This is also one of my favorite books so maybe that s why I can relate to what he is saying If you haven t read this novel, don t read this part yet SPOILER ALERT 3 Tibo, Tivoli, Lesbiani What the Filipino Lesbians are Not He compared what most people think about lesbians and their true characteristics He refuted the stereotypes that the society created about these members of LGBT community.If I recall it correctly, this is the my second time to read a Danton Remoto book and definitely will not be the last C

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