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Designer - football fans book This Is A Book That Brings You Two Types Of Passion, Emotions And Love Passion Between Two People, That Go From Friends Or Neighbors And Become Something Bigger, Like Passion For Soccer That Wakes Up In Them This Is A Story You Re Going To Love For Seconds You Are Going To Think You Re There, Enjoying Realistic Scenes, Just Like You Re Watching A Movie A Fan Novel In Which You Are About To Recognize Yourself And All The People You Share Your Supporter S Life, No Matter Where In The World You Live A Story About Love, Passion, And About The Sence Of Affiliation A Story Of Giving Oneself To His Town, His Club And His Group In Defending His Town.A Fan Novel Which Knocked The Readers In Croatia, Bosnia Serbia Macedonia And Slovenia Of Their Feet, Finally Available In English A Lovely Story In Line With The Most Watched Movies About Soccer Fans Enjoy In 2 Hours Of Reading And Enjoying The Great Supporting Passion.http Amzn.to 29ntB41

  • Paperback
  • 204 pages
  • Designer - football fans book
  • Jure Karamarko
  • English
  • 01 April 2018
  • 9781518660030

10 thoughts on “Designer - football fans book

  1. says:

    Great book Worth reading than once.A great idea to make a movie on this book..Excellent author

  2. says:

    What a story This book perfectly describes what word Ultras really means And what our world is Outstanding Respect fromBHFANATICOSGERILA TRAVNIK 1989

  3. says:

    I like novel Designer very much because of it story, eventhough it is imaginary it has very big conection with real events While I was reading this book I felt tingling and I could not stoped until the last page and i belive that the next one will be interesting as this one I am very greatfut to you for making me read it and I can not wait to read seguel that I ordered already Well done Jure and go for it

  4. says:

    A great story for football supporters and people that live in that world, but also a story in which you can easily imagine yourself, even if you don t have a similar lifestyle.It s a book where you can really feel passion and emotions and in which you enjoy until you came to the last page..then you just feel sad that is end of it It s a that sort of book that when you start reading it you get a realy great feeling that you are in the middle of the story, and everything else disapear, and it s not a many books that give you that experience.It s realy one of the best books that i ever read, a have read a lot of it.

  5. says:

    I love this book and especially how details in book are good connected and when you read you looking what next will happen I love the end of book D Book reminds me on my friends football fans, and their story, and Its good that this kind of book exist soo people who never hear about this way of life would easier understand and feel it My favourite character was Mara I would like to see movie Cant wait to read Genova

  6. says:

    Great book, great story I recommend it to everyone , especially to those who love their club and their city Excellent combination , on the one hand , today s young people whoall the sitting at the computer , the world of drugs and crime , on the other hand , love story ,love for the club , the city , friends.

  7. says:

    Jure Karamarko thank you to this great book I realy enjoyed reading this book.From this book I learned a lot of about ultras life, thank you again for that I need to read Genoa too.All to best from Torcida 1950

  8. says:

    Great book about ultras and their life and style of living This book must get place in school I do not love reading, but when I was reading this book, I have enjoyed every second Thank you Jure for this book

  9. says:

    cocktail of emotions spectacular book, passion, proud, courage, made tears in my eyes very emotional, big like

  10. says:

    Really good book about geting into life of the ultras It has many good sides but in my opinion the best thing about this book is description of the feelings that you can feel only on terrace and on away games Book is really easy to read and once you start reading it s really hard to let it go I honestly recommend this book to every ultras or a person who want s to know why ultras go through all that trouble for his team.

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