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Whirlwind (An Elemental Series, #1) Aira Has Always Known That On Her 23rd Birthday Her Powers As An Elemental Would Come Into Full Bloom But She Didn T Know Of Her Grandmother S Plans For An Arranged Marriage The Rationale Marriage Will Protect Aira From Those Who Want Her Dead Or Under Their Control She S Even Got Two Candidates Lined Up Dylan And Aiden, Two Brothers Who Have Volunteered To Protect Aira As She Comes Into Her Full Transformation There S No Doubt The Brothers Are Jump Alive Gorgeous, But How Much Danger, Really, Could She Be In Unless She Counted The Handsome Brothers And The Danger They Present To Her Heart And Hormones Whirlwind, An Elemental Series Part 1 Is The Inaugural Book Of An Exciting New Series Filled With Magic, Mayhem And Mad Crazy Love

  • Kindle Edition
  • 154 pages
  • Whirlwind (An Elemental Series, #1)
  • Larissa Ladd
  • English
  • 13 June 2019

About the Author: Larissa Ladd

Larissa Ladd is a dreamer with insights fresh as the frost newly formed on the twig whose snap echoes through the moonlit forest.Since as a child she discovered the storybook world of ghouls and goblins, she s been a devotee of the eerie, the supernatural, and all that raises the hairs on the back of the neck Her spine still shivers with delight when she huddles fearfully in a darkling corner, en

10 thoughts on “Whirlwind (An Elemental Series, #1)

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    Short and sweet, or maybe not always so sweet, but definitely a great start to a new series, Whirlwind by Larissa Ladd combines the magic of elementals with danger, a budding love hate romance and the promise of to come.Aira is of the age that she is coming into her full powers as a powerful air elemental From a long line of powerful elementals, she is unprotected until she has a mate, something that she refuses to even consider, but there are those who wish her harm, those who wish to possess her and she is assigned two brothers as 24 7 bodyguards as she continues her normal human life Each is a powerful elemental, but their personalities couldn t be different Are they also candidates for her heart How could the funny and laid back brother seem so perfect when his brother is standoffish and cold They cannot even be in the same room without fur flying When Aira is kidnapped, which brother will save her Will this be the end of her troubles or have they just begun Larissa Ladd has created a quick read that digs in from the start with a little background, a well meaning grandmother and a headstrong heroine I enjoyed it, I filled in my own blanks, and have become fascinated by who will win her heart and how Was Aira always likable No, but who likes to have their life controlled when they are almost 23 years old M...

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    I enjoyed this book.

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    Amateurish writingWhile the content is cleanly edited, the writing is amateurish with lots of mixed tenses and tell rather than show And, really, an air elemental named Aira Could that be any cheesier The plot is th...

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    Love the idea of this story I did encounter some grammer editing issues and it definitely needs another proofread, but nothing I couldn t get over while reading I freaked for a minute when I discovered that just as the story had began I was 75% done, but it seems that this author decided to take what would make for one 500 page book and break it up into tiny 100 books This would irritate me, but the firs...

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    I didn t realize when I started this book that it was a serial After I finished it, I had to read The characters were fascinating and they left me dying to figure out what was going to happen next The story was different and...

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    Good book but not long enoughI gave this book three stars because it was not long enough It ended in a cliffhanger and those of us who got it free and can t afford the rest are never going to know how it ends.

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    I hate small seriesI really hate small series because I want to read and this one was so fast, good think I can read now the only problem with this short stories that it take to many book to finish it, let see what the next books would bring

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    An Elemental Fantasy MUST READ Atmospheric fantasy full of coming of age angst A fantastic start to a great series I loved the team Aira, Dylan and Aiden make as they learn to work together and trust each other I highly recommend this book

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    I prefer action and less description This is part of a series I thought I would try it I don t normally do series unless I have the whole thing I m not sorry I tried, but not looking for the next part

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    I enjoyed this book and can t wait until I read the next one I would recommend it to others.

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