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Batman Bruce Wainwright, A Comic Book Reading Kid Obssessed With The Caped Crusader, Loses His Parents In A Violent Crimeand In The Real World, No Superheroes Exist To Save The DayTMAN CREATURE OF THE NIGHT, Written By Kurt Busiek ASTRO CITY And Drawn By John Paul Leon MOTHER PANIC Is A Stand Alone Story Set Outside Of Regular Continuity In Boston, MA The Victim Of The Brutal Murder Of His Family, Young Bruce Sees Grief And Rage Build Inside Himselfuntil Something Strange Starts Taking Wing In The Gotham Night Something Similar To The Comics He S Been Reading His Whole Life As Life Begins To Imitate Art, Will Bruce Wainwright Be Able To Live Up To His Fictional Namesake A Deliberatel Spiritual Companion To The Beloved SUPERMAN SECRET IDENTITY, BATMAN CREATURE OF THE NIGHT Puts A New Spin You Ve Never Seen Before On The Legend Of Batman And The Dark Emotions That Drive Him This Volume Collects Issues Of The Critically Acclaimed Miniseries

  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages
  • Batman
  • Kurt Busiek
  • English
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9781401280635

About the Author: Kurt Busiek

Kurt Busiek is an American comic book writer notable for his work on the Marvels limited series, his own title Astro City, and his four year run on Avengers.Busiek did not read comics as a youngster, as his parents disapproved of them He began to read them regularly around the age of 14, when he picked up a copy of Daredevil 120 This was the first part of a continuity heavy four part story arc

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    Oh my gawd and I can t emphasise this enough this book was sooooooo boring You don t need to read the rest of this review because that s all you need to know Batman Creature of the Night is a pillow book because it will put you to sleep But if you wanted to know about why I think that so years ago I heard about the premise to Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen s Superman Secret Identity and laffed because it did not sound good A real ish world alternate take on the Man of Steel s origins Nuh to the uh And I was so wrong because that book was incredible So imagine my excitement when I heard Busiek was returning to write a similar treatment for Batman And, to be fair, that first issue was very promising I liked the slightly askewed setup, the mystery of who Batman was, the slow burn but then read in conjunction with the other three 48 page issues Man, it is a whole nuther experience a much worse one in fact Because here s what the book reads like Bruce Wayne does business, Batman fights crime, albeit as two separate entities rather than two sides of the same coin or are they We find out who Batman really is, and that s it Almost all of it is reading about Bruce doing business through the years SO DUCKING DULL Busiek makes a few changes to the familiar origin Bruce Wayne is now Bruce Wainwright who exists in a world where Batman is a comic book character, just like our world His parents not as rich as the Waynes, but wealthy get killed during a robbery gone wrong and poor Bruce is scarred for life His uncle Alton Frederick geddit, Al Fred grows his inheritance into a sizable fortune while Officer Gordon not Commissioner sorta looks for Bruce s parents killer There s a Robin some girl Bruce takes pity on and then Batman albeit a scarier version of him appears in Bruce s life I kinda liked the fourth wall breaking detail of Batman as a comic book character but there s really nothing else to say about that setup beyond it not being terribly imaginative Batman though That reveal just plain confuddled me view spoiler Batman is distinctly other to Bruce for most of this story, even though Bruce can see through his eyes somehow, and also very real others can definitely see him But towards the end Busiek starts introducing an unconvincing mental health element to the setup is Bruce just coconuts and Batman is a figment of his imagination No because others can obviously see him and his actions are keenly felt for decades Then it s revealed Batman is Bruce s dead brother Thomas, who died as a baby Ok bizarre mystical element to this supposedly realistic take on the character I m not even gonna question how this came about because it s never properly answered But I m willing to go along with Thomas being Bruce s guardian angel for no other reason than because they bonded in the womb or something But then how does Thomas know to take the form of Batman when Bruce didn t become a Batman fan until years later And how does Thomas know what needs to be done to make Bruce successful at business how does a dead baby ghost understand the complexities of adult relationships and professions And then at the end he develops elemental tornado powers because whatever hide spoiler

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    Well, this is a hard one Three issues, each with different feeling and viewpoint, but together one continuous story It starts with a similar premise as Dark Night but without the based on the real story There is the orphaned kid and no Batman All completely real Busiek wants you to embrace the serious real world setting Only to start poking and cracking it with the next two issues Comics like this usually goes from mysterious through leads to reality and explanation Not this time Because Busiek decided to take it another way around And well, it is weird I can not explain without serious spoilers But at least I ll spill my feelings here I didn t like it I kinda hate it It annoys me But I also have the feeling that I read something interesting Something engaging Something different Nothing about this comics is comforting The story, characters, gloomy art nothing It s weird, unsettling and annoying And in weirdly, this is the best thing on this comics.

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    The fourth issue of Creature of the Night has finally arrived after a year of delays and it was almost worth the wait Kurt Busiek tries to capture the same magic that he created with Superman Secret Identity and he mostly succeeds The story of Bruce Wainwright hits all of the right Batman notes while also changing things up enough to remain interesting A huge focus has been placed on Bruce s mental health and it really illustrates problems with Batman as a popular character This is, perhaps, the most interesting part of Batman Creature of the Night.Most of this comic s faults involve the formula Busiek uses While the plot is completely different from Superman Secret Identity, the way it has been crafted is not Since Batman comics exist in this universe, Busiek creates analogous characters in his world which coincidentally have links to a real world Batman It works, but the skeleton shares so much of the same DNA with Busiek s legendary Superman story that the similarities between Creature of the Night and Secret Identity are difficult to overlook The most glaring flaw in Creature of the Night is the lettering for all of Alfred s internal dialog it s tiny fucking cursive and it s difficult to read The letterer made a horrible decision with the lettering in that regard Thankfully, the lettering for other characters and dialog is fine Gripes aside, Creature of the Night is an interesting and beautiful comic that is worth a read for a different take on Batman Kurt Busiek doesn t quite reach the same heights he did in Secret Identity, but he gets close Batman traditionalists may not care for this interpretation of Batman, however, those with an open mind may find something to enjoy.

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    I m not completely sure if you can call this a Batman storyA young boys parents are murdered, leaving him with a man named Alfred, lots of money and a secret kept alive by his obsession for justice No, not Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wainwright So, the story is really about a boy who sees a lot of similarities between himself and the cape crusader He wants to be like Batman and help save the world He finds himself his own Batman cast and takes flight, leaving reality behind him It had some good twist and turns, some supernatural elements as well having a decent view on mental health The art was amazing Great colors Lots of action There were times something wild would happen and I had to remind myself it wasnt Bruce Wayne Now, I m not saying this isn t a Batman book, but if you re excepting any of the usual characters from Gotham, you re out of luck This is a boy who has lost, who is projecting a creature to right wrongs As time goes on he bends his truths so the creature is justified to come back It gets deep, I m a little bummed this took so long to come out, but it was pretty good and I enjoyed the back of the last issue It had each issue broken down and explained.

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    What if Bart and Hugo but Batman and meta What if Bruce Wayne would just take some antidepressants, would he stop being Batman We have a weird tulpa Batman drawn like a horse chupacabras, which reminded me of the McKean design in Arkham Asylum The whole time I was afraid he was going for a Tommy Westphall twist This isn t the first attempt to psychoanalize Batman, or superheroes in general, and probably not the last Superheroes are ripe fruit for cheap psychoanalysis since the fantasies in play are very transparent Batman represents trauma and fetish, Superman is projection, Wonder Woman is sexual repression from the male POV I didn t feel like the writer was succesful in showing an original aspect of Batman s psychology that we haven t seen in other serious type stories An interesting side to this, though, is the brief moment when Bruce kissed the Robin figure, playing up the whole gay subtext that s trailed Batman all this time, while keeping it no homo by making Robin a girl I never truly got the overall point Busiek was trying to make, is this about comicbook readers refusing to grow up About obsessive fans refusing the same About unhealthy fixation About immature fans Couldn t tell The real monsters are those inside ourselves, apparently By the end it turns a bit farcical, like Thomas, a supernatural entity, literally handing Bruce his pills to treat him Also when he kept asking him safe it seemed like he was asking him safe bruv Really enjoyed the art most of all, very realistic, full of details and convincing architecture, it drew me in and immersed me in its reality, and of a piece with the supernatural elements Reminded me of Sean Phillips style The color work gave it a consistent somber atmosphere So 3 stars for a fresh take on Batman to me as least and great art, but ultimately disappointing and confused story Take your pills, kids.

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    Well considering I don t remember any of books 1 3 I m just gonna give it four stars and leave the reviewing alone Not sure what the story is with waiting over a year to finish the last book but I imagine he didn t do it just to annoy his fans He didn t right 4 stars.

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    Initially conceived 15 years ago after the success of Superman Secret Identity one of my favorite comics ever , this book is a long time coming The four issues trickled out over the past two years, and it was than worth the wait because Busiek and Leon put together a great story here Like Secret Identity, it takes place in the real world where Batman exists as a fictional character And the protagonist is a guy whose life contains than a few parallels with his idol his name is Bruce Wainwright, he witnesses his parents murder at a young age, his great uncle Alfred looks after him, he corresponds with a cop named Gordon, and eventually heads a business corporation Unlike Secret Identity, however, Creature of the Night is a psychological horror story that follows Bruce at different points in his life I m not sure if I was expecting another compassionate superhero life saga, but I shouldn t have been surprised at the tonal shift given the title character To that end, I was most curious how Batman would manifest here Would this Bruce train himself physically and fight criminals in a bat costume Well, not exactly Without giving much away, there s a supernatural element to the story that I did not expect It didn t click with me at first, but by the third issue, I was taken with the approach and found it highly effective Especially in light of Busiek s notes at the end of issue four, where he puts into words Batman s character that never occurred to me before I usually don t suggest reading an author s essay to help understand a book, but I think it s a must in this case hopefully it ll be in collected editions.My only real negative is a storytelling choice Throughout the story, Busiek switches between narrators It makes for clunky reading at times, with some jumps in narration abrupt than others But his writing is strong enough that it s hardly a bother John Paul Leon s art, too, smoothes over any structural problems His beautiful noir style perfectly captures the crime, horror, and everyday life aspects of the story I especially like his depiction of Batman, and several images towards the end are striking.Is Creature of the Night as good as Secret Identity No But then, few things are In the end, this book is a fascinating examination of Batman that simply could not be done in main continuity It s worth reading for that reason alone.

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    While I don t think this hits quite as hard as its predecessor Superman Secret Identity , it s certainly a worthy followup Despite having a similar core concept, things play out very differently It s nice to see mainstream publishers print works with this level of emotional complexity There s a lot of ambiguity here, a lot of questioning right and wrong in a world that resists change This is a character focused story at its core, and that is what makes it compelling, but it functions incredibly well at the macroscopic level too, capturing a feeling of helplessness in the modern world that I think we all feel from time to time Using the Batman character to examine that complicated and self destructive emotion feels like it was meant to be, and Busiek and Leon deliver Worth the 15 year wait So Busiek Wonder Woman next Please

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    Batman, at heart, taps into something younger and simpler it s a child s rage at the world for being unfair, and that child s inarticulate desire to control the world, to make it fair by force of will Someone on Twitter reminded me this comic existed and that s the only reason I finished it, but I m glad I did Overall I really like what Busiek has to say about the character, this mirror like version of Batman, the whole deconstruction and examination of Bruce s obsession focusing a lot on his mental health and the impact of comics and comic book characters The horror supernatural elements were also a nice touch, I like the idea of Batman being a protective spirit but the open ending leaves you a bit dry The end just fell a bit flat for me Maybe it was the two years wait for the last issue.

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    Greatttt writing Interesting concept for a mirrored real life Batman Or I guess a real life ghost Batman A good reprieve for the bore that is the current Batman Reads a bit like a manga in a way Maybe all the supernatural seriousness of if All in all, the story revolves around Bruce Wainwright s hard learned lessons and presented in sections of his life One of my favorite Batman stories ever I think

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