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Numerology Numerology Dancing The Spirals Of Time Is A Book For People Interested In How To Work With Numbers The Ways Of Working Come From The Author S Experience As A Transpersonal Psychotherapist As Well As From Her Lifelong Work As A British Shaman The Method Involves Finding Your Own Way Through The Numbers And Finding Your Own Answers, Rather Than Simply Learning By Heart What Someone Else Has Written A Fascinating And Enjoyable Read Revealing The Mysteries Of Numbers To The Uninitiated Brendan Howlin, Author Of The Handbook Of Urban Druidry And The Urban Ovate

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Numerology
  • Elen Sentier
  • 28 September 2019
  • 9781782796565

About the Author: Elen Sentier

All my life I ve followed the deer trods of Elen of the Ways My mother s mother was a witch from the Isle of Man and my father was a cunning man from Lancashire I grew up in an ancient village on the edge of Exmoor where the church is dedicated to the goddess Iwerydd and my aunt owned her sacred well My parents and the elder folk in the village taught the ways of the awenydd, the old native sha

12 thoughts on “Numerology

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    This was very different from what I expected Rather than being specifically about numerology, the book is effectively a guidebook for a certain set of new age and Pagan beliefs that might or might not be associated with numerology People interested in the title subject will have to wade through reincarnation, dowsing to establish your time of conception and some out there concepts to find relevant information.The graphs and charts make no sense to me at all The author suggests meditating over them until it sinks in, but I d rather have had the system explained in some manner than just thrown out there to absorb Eventually she does write about number meanings and later gets into how to establish birth and name numbers in the same ways that other numerology books do, but there is only references to number ...

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    This is a fascinating comprehensive review of the interpretation of Numerology After I received signs of the same numbers working in my life I gravitated to learning about Numerology to incorporate it into my practice This is the perfect segway into Numerology for both beginners and those with knowledge Everyone seeking Numerology for their own practice will benefit from this body of work I found that this is a book of high interest to me and therefore I took my time to return to it time and time again to practice. The author has included basic Numerology and historical aspect as well of what numbers can...

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    The author wants this book to act as a guide and not an instruction manual and for the reader to find their own interpretations of numerology I found this book to be a slow read and difficult at times to follow There is a lot of background information given at the beginning that bogs down the flow before we ever get to the numerology I have no experience with numerology so that is a factor in my difficult interpretation of the book.I received an arc of this book fro...

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    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.I found this book to be very informative but slow at times The author gives a lot of background information with out getting to the actual numerology At times I found it very slow but I stuck with it.

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    Numerology Dancing the Spirals of Time by Elen SentierBook Review by Dawn Thomas193 PagesPublisher John Hunt Publishing Ltd Moon BooksDate Released February 22, 2019Metaphysical, Divination, Religion, SpiritualityI have been interested in numerology for many years This was interesting in the way the information is presented The author explains how numbers are paired together like a DNA helix The pairs all add up to the number nine 8 1, 2 7, 3 6, 4 5, 5 4, 6 3, 7 2, 8 1 She uses the multiplication table as an example She describes the personalities of each number person She goes into detail about birth numbers and name numbers.The author explains how growing up in a progressive household aided her in her learning and love of researching numbers This is a different perspective of numerology I love how she explains how to spot patterns and know what they mean I enjoyed reading the book and learning a new way of looking at numbers At the end of the book, the...

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    An interesting read and different take on numerology I voluntarily read this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    It was quite an interesting read and I learnt about numerology even if it s not one of my favourite topic.I think it s a book that can be interesting for both novices and experts.I didn t agree with some of the ideas but it helped...

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