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Justice Gone When A Homeless War Veteran Is Beaten To Death By The Police, Stormy Protests Ensue, Engulfing A Small New Jersey Town Soon After, Three Cops Are Gunned Down A Multi State Manhunt Is Underway For A Cop Killer On The Loose And Dr Tessa Thorpe, A Veteran S Counselor, Is Caught Up In The Chase Donald Darfield, An African American Iraqi War Vet, War Time Buddy Of The Beaten Man, And One Of Tessa S Patients, Is Holed Up In A Mountain Cabin Tessa, Acting On Instinct, Sets Off To Find Him, But The Swarm Of Law Enforcement Officers Get There First, Leading To Darfield S Dramatic Capture Now, The Only People Separating Him From The Lethal Needle Of State Justice Are Tessa And Ageing Blind Lawyer, Nathaniel Bodine Can They Untangle The Web Tightening Around Darfield In Time, When The Press And The Justice System Are Baying For Revenge Justice Gone Is The First In A Series Of Psychological Thrillers Involving Dr Tessa Thorpe, Wrapped In The Divisive Issues Of Modern American Society Including Police Brutality And Disenfranchised Returning War Veterans N Lombardi Jr Is The Author Of Compelling And Heartfelt Novel The Plain Of Jars

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Justice Gone
  • N. Lombardi Jr.
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9781785358760

About the Author: N. Lombardi Jr.

second novel, Journey Towards a Falling Sun, is set in the wild frontier of northern Kenya.His latest novel, Justice Gone was inspired by the fatal beating of a homeless man by police.Nick now lives in Phnom Penh, CambodiaSome personal comments taken from his user s profile Working as an engineering geologist has taken me to other countries as well, including the Gulf States in the Middle East, North Africa, and two years in China My cross cultural experiences allow me to adopt a world view, and form a major component of my writing, with the aim of spreading cultural knowledge to the reading public in an entertaining way I also enjoy writing emotionally charged stories, and I often laugh and cry while writing them,lost inside the fictional world I create Politically, I am ardently against any war,regardless of the rhetoric used to justify it Until we abandon war, the human race is fated to remain in a savage conditionI enjoy physical exercise, watching a well made film I love Frank Capra , and of course reading a good book I like to be in natural settings rather than an urban environment I am also morbidly interested in following the dark side of covert machinations by the state, and geopolitics, the root cause of war.

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    Blown away That s what I was after reading this novel Easily the best new book I ve read this year, as it was published only 3 months ago.I had to ask myself why I was so taken by Justice Gone I came up with the following reasons 1 The narrative is very cinematic, structured into scenes with a beginning, a middle, and an end Scene after scene Since I love films as much as books, this doubled the pleasure for me.2 Character development the author does this by showing, not telling as the dialogue and behavior of the characters gave me a vivid picture of what kind of people they were Together with a brief physical description, this was enough, without the need for pages of bio data telling you who they were This also added to the feeling that you were watching a film.3 The courtroom scenes are among the best I have ever read Meticulous research by the author who I don t believe has ever practiced law resulted in a realistic depiction of legal proceedings.4 I saved this for last, as it is rather obvious from the book s description that the story is woven with the relevant social problems of the day While one could guess where the author stands on the issues of homelessness, police brutality, and the social and psychological problems of returning combat vets, these topics are presented in a fairly neutral way, as if to say, this is what s going on, take it as it is.I ...

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    Just like Vishnu I also started exploring newer genres and foreign authors I try to grab as many opportunities as possible for the same I first time heard something called a legal thriller when Vishnu told me about Justice Gone by N Lombardi Jr As I wanted to read something like this I grabbed the opportunity before any of our teammates give their concern.The protagonist of the story is Dr Tessa Thorpe, a veteran counselor at New Hope Clinic who stand in support for Donald Darfield who is brought to trial for the murder of three cops All of this fiasco started when a bunch of cops killed unarmed ex veteran Jay Felson Nathaniel Bodine was a blind lawyer for Donald Darfield and his future rest on his shoulders.I have never read anything like this Every character is written with finesse From this book, two characters have become my favorite One is Dr Tessa Thorpe for her quick wit and the kind of aura she carries Her dedication to saving the veterans suffering PTSD made her stand out And the second character is Nathaniel Bodine He reminded me of Harvey Specter from series suits They both are different personalities but when it comes to the law they ll bite prosecutor so flamboyantly that you ll fall in love with the character.This book also shed some light on prejudice for our PTSD veterans for lack of support towards them and carelessness of the law enforcement unit This book will give you a ride emotionally and mentally, the twist and turns in the second half of the boo...

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    When a homeless war veteran is beaten to death by the police, stormy protests ensue, engulfing a small New Jersey town Soon after, three cops are gunned down A multi state manhunt is underway for a cop killer on the loose Dr Tessa Thorpe, a veterans counsellor, is caught up in the chase Donald Darfield, an African American Iraqi war vet, war time buddy of the beaten man, and one of Tessa s patients, is holed up in a mountain cabin and Tessa sets off to find him The author has done a terrific job in building the tension in this storyline I was quickly drawn into this story The story is told by the third person but sometimes tells us the events and the point of view from Tessa s perspective and some others The characters, even though they are a mixed bag, are all credible The author seems knowledgeable about the plight of veterans There are parts of the story that felt a little OTT but that did not put me off Ther...

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    Justice Gone, a crime thriller that deals with issues relevant to modern American society, vaguely reminds me of John Grisham s stories What makes a person if not their own experiences This story starts with quite a bang as a man is beaten to death by several policeman With an opening chapter that raw and explosive, it pulls the reader right into the headspace needed to continue on I, for one, had to put the book down and process it for some time before continuing And I m glad that I did, to prepare for some of the important themes addressed within these pages, including police brutality, homelessness, and veterans with PTSD.The plot here was well crafted and easy to follow The pacing faltered a bit after the beginning but evened out nicely in the second half of the book And the final chapter and epilogue wrapped everything up clearly, although I did want a bit from the ending to feel some closure One of this book s strongest points was its characters, though They were well thought out,...

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    It starts with a phone call A bar owner sees a homeless man on the street The police are told that he s been checking doors on cars parked on the street.Two cops show up and ask for back up The homeless man is not armed A total of 6 cops take him down, beating and tasering him relentlessly.The man who is now dead is a war veteran highly decorated.The power that be decide that this case must be addressed and put away They come up with a plan send the case to the Grand Jury but come back with no verdict The cops will be suspended temporarily with pay.But then the media and the public learn there was a recording of the entire incident and the police have it in hand.There are protests and marches and media questioning the police The man s family is going to sue where is the justice for this young man who survived war time only to come home to be beaten to death.And then 3 of the cops are killed and a cop killer holes up in a cabin just waiting.Dr Tessa Thorpe is a veteran s counselor She was the victim s counselor and she s also the counselor for the cop killer and wartime friend of th...

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    I don t think there has ever been a book that has pushed my buttons within the first fifteen pages I became so angry and for a moment I was afraid that any review I write would have been of me ranting While I did calm down, I still found myself thinking back of news stories where police have been involved using excessive force Even in my own city Don t get me wrong, I do respect police officers and I know for the most part they do their best to protect citizens, but you do have a few bad apples who think it gives them a right to be total jack sses because they carry a gun and wear a badge Okay, so maybe it s just a small little rant.N Lombardi Jr has created a story that is virtually ripped from the headlines and so relevant in today s world Police respond to a call regarding a homeless man acting suspicious What follows is truly heartbreaking as these police officers beat and subsequently kill Jay Felson, a homeless man who also happens to be a war veteran Soon after, these same officers are met with their own brand of justice when a sniper takes them out Local authorities issue a manhunt in search of a cop killer.Dr Tessa Thorpe, a therapist at the The New Hope Trauma Recovery Clinic is deep in the middle of it all as Jay Felson along w...

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    I must confess that I didn t have any expectations when we first received this book from John Hunt Publishing It didn t speak to me, so I just postponed the moment of reading it, over and over again When I actually started it, I was surprised how easy to read the novel is and that it took me less than a weekend to finish it.Read here Justice Gone is an easy to read book Even though it is a thriller, this book is suited for everyone What I like most about it is h...

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    The captivating highly engrossing plot, the flamboyance and flair of the defense lawyers, and the plight of the war veterans homeless and suffering from PTSD all caught me in an emotional fray from which I was loathe to escape The story was thus, a homeless man was beaten to death by cops, public wanted cops to be prosecuted, a sniper killed the cops, an innocent man was arrested as the cops had no suspects, the lawyers embroiled in a legal drama to prove him innocent hung jury with mistrial Then came a revelation Every scene written by Nicholas Lombardi produced a visceral reaction in me The emotions drawn left me vanquished The mystery and the drama were well played The plight of the war veterans touched my heart so deep that I was speechless after the book was done I was in a state of turmoil The scenes which affected me the mostPolice brutality on a homeless man on a call from a bartender who didn t know the truth the way they brandished their batons and hit that poor man, 6 cops against a lone unarmed man who called out for his father, just about chilled me They pulverized him so much that he was just meat with no recognizable features I won t be able to sleep for days now HE WAS A WAR HERO Legal drama one of the best in recent times made me sit up and follow every point made my visually impaired Nat Bodine There was an excitement in the air when he entered the scenes I loved the psychological analysis he conducted on every perso...

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    What starts with a bar owner trying to get the police to move on a homeless man results in that man, a decorated vet, being brutally beaten up and killed by the police This triggers investigations, recriminations, political shenanigans and unrest, soon to be followed by the shooting dead of three of the officers involved in the man s murder Now, with a man hunt to find the killer, can justice be delivered or will it forever be gone This story deals with the many aspects of the judicial system and with those involved in endeavouring to treat vets suffering from PTSD Dr Tessa Thorpe is a veteran s counsellor who has been involved in the treatment of the initial victim and several of his fellow vets She is drawn into this intriguing search for the serial killer and into working with those seeking to clear one of the vets, Donald Darfield, of being the shooter of the officers The lawyer involved is Nathaniel Bodine and, although he is blind, he proves to have added insight into those involved As revelations of the history of those she works with unfold, the plot has plenty of twists to keep you guessing right to the end It is an intriguing murder mystery with great characters and filled with suspense Will the real killer be caught or has the chance for justice gone The story highlights the issues relating to the ...

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    This book delivers a knowledgeable albeit prejudiced punch in a bow to the plight of our PTSD veterans, both with the lack of support for vets as well as the state of awareness of our law enforcement bodies The protagonist is Dr Tessa Thorpe, a veterans counselor, who decries the loss of one of her own, beaten to death, as she champions the support of Donald Darfield, close buddy of the vet killed by law enforcement in a less than enlightened confrontation.This is an excellently drawn scenario, plausible to the point of eliciting ginchy reflex, and proffers major sympathy for the well fleshed characters Dr Thorpe is largely the reason Darfield survived his heated resistance to the army of officers ready to take him into custody for the deadly sniper deaths of three of those officers This narrative grabs you immediately and draws you into the psychological thriller that ramps up as it goes The lawyer for Darfield is introduced and immediately so well developed you can see, hear, and be spellbound by his expertise in law, handicapped or not You d want this powerful Ironside on your side.I was absolutely drawn into the emotionally supportive and intelligent Dr Thorpe and loved the introduction and crafty legal manipulations of Nathanial Bodine and his daughter assistant and the sympathetic plight of Darfie...

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