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Shadows in Heaven In Post War Tarabeg, Two Women Are Waiting For Ambitious Michael Malone To Return Home Rosie Is The Local Schoolteacher And Most People Think She Is Promised To Him Just A Few Have Guessed That He Has Secretly Begun To Woo Sarah, Whose Brutal Fisherman Father Would Kill Her If He Knew Both Rosie And Sarah Love Michael, Both Hope To Become His Wife, And Their Lives Will Interweave In A Tale Of Tangled Secrets, Old Promises, And New Feuds Michael Malone S Choice Will Have Fateful Consequences For Everyone Especially, In Due Course, For His Young Daughter This Is The First In A New Sequence Of Novels With A Brilliant New Cast Of Characters And A Story That Will Lead To Liverpool In Mary Kate And Back To Ireland In The Seven Acres

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Shadows in Heaven
  • Nadine Dorries
  • 17 April 2017
  • 9781786697516

About the Author: Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries was born in Liverpool in the 1950s and raised on a council estate, the daughter of a bus driver Her first novel, THE FOUR STREETS, was inspired by memories of her childhood, particularly her Irish grandmother who she was very close to.Nadine trained as a nurse, then followed with a successful career in which she established and then sold her own business She has been the MP for Mi

10 thoughts on “Shadows in Heaven

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    Excellent book strong story with strong charactors,well worth reading i never like to write much in a review as i hate spoilers.I will highly recommend this book another good book from Nadine Dorries.

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    Absolutely loved this story set in Ireland All the Irish folklore included Happiness and sadness runs through this story but a real page turner.

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    Very disappointed in this book, to many characters and a long drawn out story.

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    Sarah5 STARS for a wonderful book full of love laughter and also sorrow this is Nadine at her best well worth a read.

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    As the first in a trilogy this is a gripping and enticing read Not so much a family saga as one encompassing a whole village, this is rich in details of living in a rural community Life in Ireland hasn t been easy and most families find their offspring heading for the new world as soon as they can afford the fare Such has been the case with the Malones until Michael, the youngest, signs up to fight with the British Army much to the chagrin of some of the locals who have a deep set hatred of the English Michael has been secretly romancing the daughter of one much to her mother s delight but hidden from her father for fear of what reprisals he will take against the women.This is a tremendously packed read vividly described in such a way that it s easy to picture the village of Tarabeg and it s inhabitants It is an addictive novel with plenty going on and certainly kept my attention glued to the story Nadine Dorries writes with an easy, flowing manner which hooks me every time, and if you haven t read her other books I would strongly recommend catching up Tarabeg is certainly somewhere I can t wait to visit again and find out what happens next in this truly wonderful tale.My thanks to Florence Hare of Head of Zeus and NetGalley for providing my copy This is my honest, original and unbiased review.

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    What a stunning cover, my copy is slightly different from the one pictured, the girl wears a red dress and cardigan and the background is snow covered fields The story is set in the village of Tarabeg, Ireland, where community means everything At first I felt that there were too many characters, it was hard to figure out who was who But as the story went on the need for so many characters was clear as the community element of this book is important There are hard times for Michael and Sarah so much happens in this book, secrets come to light, scandals, murders and curses rock the village I m now looking forward to the next book in this series.

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    Enjoyed this book but felt it was very similar to The Four Streets, with a mother dying after child birth and the abuse on children, therefore a bit predictable Regardless, it was a good read and I look forward to the next one.

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    This family saga is set in a village on the west coast of Ireland in the aftermath of the Second World War Life is tough but the community pulls together to ensure that the wheels keep turning The story starts as war finishes and Michael Malone is about to come home for the first time in 5 years Two women are desperately waiting for his return, both hoping that he will choose them to be his wife The decisions he makes have far reaching effects on the whole community There is plenty of drama, and lots of very realistic touches with reference to the lifestyle and superstitions of a rural Irish community Many of the characters were developed well and had their own individual personalities that were believable There were a lot of strong characters around but that mirrors my experience of the Irish people and seems entirely realistic It is very obviously intended to be the first part of a series as not all the loose ends are tied up and there are enough storylines to fill at least one book.Although there were times when I was quite gripped by the storyline, that wasn t always the case and it was a bit too depressing in places to be enjoyable throughout I had not read any Nadine Dorries before and will probably not be rushing out to buy Having said that it was an enjoyable enough read.

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    My first book of 2019 If I m honest, it was the lovely cover that initially caught my attention on the shelves in Tescos.I am new to Nadine s books, but being from Irish parentage, I love reading novels about the Emerald Isle.The year is 1945 and the place is Tarabeg in Southern Ireland, two women Rosie and Sarah are waiting for the same man to return home after the war Both of them are in love with Michael, but it is Sarah he choses amid family feuds, and even murder.About three quarters of the way through the book we are introduced to Mary Kate, Sarah and Michael s daughter, and it is really only then that the story starts Although a really nice book, a good story and once that is well written, I did think that this is just the precursor to the follow up novel called Mary Kate, which if I m completely honest, I don t think I ll bother with.

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    3 out of 5 starsThis was a book chosen for me by my partner and being historical fiction it did intrigue me Set in Ireland in the 1940 s this is partly a romance but also a tale of curses and family The historical side of the book I found interesting but the characters are weak and the actual story takes time to get into I wish I could say that the storyline was strong enough to support the characters but to me it wasn t The ending had lots of loose ends which annoyed me I will say though there were some points in the middle of the story regarding the malones that gripped me and made me want to carry on reading but unfortunately it wasn t enough.

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