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Dragon Quest Monsters+ Vol. 1 Monster Fans Will Love This Adventure Series A Spin Off Of The Beloved Dragon Quest Video Games Kleo Dreams Of Becoming A Gallant, Monster Slaying Hero, And When A Twist Of Fate Sees Him Whisked Off To A Strange And Distant Land, It Seems He S Finally Got His Chance But The King Doesn T Want Kleo Slaying Monsters He Wants Him Training Them, Preparing Mighty Creatures To Fight Against The Forces Of Darkness Unfortunately, The Kingdom S A Little Short On Monsters At The Momentand Kleo S Journey Begins With Only One Sassy Slime To Back Him Up It S A Quirky Quest With One Majorly Reluctant Hero

  • Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • Dragon Quest Monsters+ Vol. 1
  • Mine Yoshizaki
  • 18 October 2017
  • 9781642750478

About the Author: Mine Yoshizaki

From Keroro Wiki Mine Yoshizaki Yoshizaki Mine , born December 2, 1971 in Isahaya, Nagasaki is a male Japanese manga artist mangaka who first started his career by making d jinshi based on video games Yoshizaki also worked as an assistant to mangaka Katsu Aki His first publication was featured in a compilation book published by Shogakukan in 1989.He is best known for his manga Keroro

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    Terry was a hero summoned to another world Though a mere boy, he had a way with monsters, and was able to convince them to team up with him on adventures He put together a strong team of monsters to match against other Monster Masters teams in battle Finally he won the championship in the Tournament of Starry Night But that was then.Kleo is a young fellow who blows off study and chores for running off to the woods to play hero The village of Motile is peaceful, but there are some weak slimes in the forest Kleo, despite his ambition to become a legendary hero, is no match for even the feeble monsters here His mother and little sister wish he d concentrate on becoming a respectable member of society.It wouldn t be much of an adventure story if Kleo settled down and studied, would it Instead, the magical creature Watabou offers to transport the boy to another world where he is needed And so Kleo finds himself in Greattree, a kingdom carved out of a giant tree.However, he isn t being recruited as a Hero who fights monsters, but as a Monster Master who tames monsters to battle others It seems the previous Monster Master, Terry, has not ret...

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    Oh nostalgia how I love you When I played the original Dragon Warrior Monster game the same game this is based on , I always imagined as a child taking the MC s role to battle feral monsters, compete in tournaments, and wish for something epic after finishing the final challenge While this manga brought that nostalgia full force to me, it also brought with it new life and a sense of confusion.Don t get me wrong I love the manga, its art, and all the references from the first game What got me confused was the age rating and, with it, the humor and cliches found within With a manga rated 10 I wasn t expecting for any graphic fights or philosophical conversations from the characters Yet what did surprise me were the few perverted moments found within the first volume and the deus ex machina situations of Kleo being saved Considering how the original source material just threw you into the world to hunt monsters to befriend and fight, I expected that to occur in this volume Instead, I read throu...

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    this manga has cool art that does a pretty decent job of staying true to Akira Toriyama s style and designs while still feeling lively I m a fan of the Dragon Quest monsters games as well as Dragon Warrior monsters so I dig the familiar setting and characters, though some of the monsters names have been changed for this manga and I don t think for the better the mai...

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    At first, the story was hard to get into However, as the story progressed, it started to get interesting I also liked how it had a lot of life lessons that could be applied to real life, a huge draw for young readers who are looking for something that is both exciting and relatable Kleo may be high strung, a little selfish, and insensitive but he is also ambitious, strong perseverance and sometimes can care about other people s feelings and needs This has...

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    At first I liked it then I got bored with it and sorta annoyed

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    The story takes place after the end of the original game that came out on the Gameboy in 2000, following a new monster master that has been summoned to the world for a specific task The writing is funny and...

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