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Witcraft Astonishing Enjoy Its Riches Slowly, And Savour Every Generous, Erudite And Undogmatic Page Boyd Tonkin, Financial Times We English Men Have Wits, Wrote The Clergyman Ralph Lever In 1573, And, We Have Also Framed Unto Ourselves A Language Witcraft Is A Fresh And Brilliant History Of How Philosophy Became Established In English It Presents A New Form Of Philosophical Storytelling And Challenges What Jonathan R E Calls The Condescending Smugness Of Traditional Histories Of Philosophy R E Tells The Story Of Philosophy As It Was Lived And Practised, Embedded In Its Time And Place, By Men And Women From Many Walks Of Life, Engaged With The Debates And Culture Of Their Age And, By Focusing On The Rich History Of Works In English, Including Translations, He Shows Them To Be Quite As Colourful, Diverse, Inventive And Cosmopolitan As Their Continental Counterparts Witcraft Offers New And Compelling Intellectual Portraits Not Only Of Celebrated British And American Philosophers, Such As Hume, Emerson, Mill And James, But Also Of The Remarkable Philosophical Work Of Literary Authors, Such As William Hazlitt And George Eliot, As Well As A Carnival Of Overlooked Characters Priests And Poets, Teachers, Servants And Crofters, Thinking For Themselves And Reaching Their Own Conclusions About Religion, Politics, Art And Everything Else.The Book Adopts A Novel Structure, Examining Its Subject At Fifty Year Intervals From The Sixteenth Century To The Twentieth Researched Over Decades And Illuminated By Quotations From Extensive Archival Material, It Is A Book Full Of Stories And Personalities As Well As Ideas, And Shows Philosophy Springing From The Life Around It Witcraft Overturns The Established Orthodoxies Of The History Of Philosophy, And Celebrates The Diversity, Vitality And Inventiveness Of Philosophical Thought.

  • Hardcover
  • 768 pages
  • Witcraft
  • Jonathan Rée
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9780713999334

About the Author: Jonathan Rée

Jonathan R e is a freelance philosopher who used to teach at Middlesex University in London, but gave up lecturing in order to have time to think, and was for many years associated with the magazine Radical Philosophy His work has appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books and elsewhere.

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    Thanks to Yale University Press for the Sample Chapter ARC at BEA 2019 I will preface this review by noting that I received only a sample selection of this book, which included only the first 468 of the total 768 pages of the book The Table of Contents revealed that the actual book ends at page 615, after which are the in text citations for the book That means I am missing about 150 pages of argument and analysis, as well as the entire references Therefore, I cannot verify the academic claims of the book against its sources, nor do I have the full content of the book I will be judging it based on the arguments and analysis provided in the sections I received, which I believe stand strong enough to be able to pass general judgement on the whole book.Ree makes an insightful point that the history of philosophy until now has been dry and weak, focusing on the general points made by a handful of prominent philosophers This perspective has no meaningful reasoning beyond upholding a very specific view of philosophy as clear H...

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