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The Gospel-Driven Church Many Evangelical Churches Face The Problem Of The Open Back Door Even As New People Arrive, Older Members Are Leaving, Looking For Something Else Combined With This Problem Is The Discipleship Deficit, The Difficult Truth That Most Evangelicals Are Not Reaching The Unchurched At The Rates They Think They Are In Fact, Many Of The Metrics That We Often Count In The Church To Highlight Success Really Don T Tell Us The Full Story Of A Church S Spiritual State Things Like Attendance, Decisions, Dollars, And Experiences Can Tell Us Something About A Church, But Not Everything.To Cultivate A Spiritually Healthy Church We Need A Shift In Our Metrics A Grace Shift That Prioritizes The Work Of God In The Lives Of People Over Numbers And Dollars Are People Growing In Their Esteem For Jesus Is There A Dogged Devotion To The Bible As The Ultimate Authority For Life Is There A Growing Interest In Theology And Doctrine A Discernible Spirit Of Repentance And Perhaps Most Importantly, Is There Evident Love For God And For Our Neighbors In The Congregation Leading A Church Culture To Shift From Numerical Success To The Metrics Of Grace Can Be Costly, But Leaders Who Have Conviction, Courage, And Commitment Can Lead While Avoiding Some Of The Landmines That Often Destroy Churches Wilson Includes Diagnostic Questions That Will Help Leaders Measure And Lead Team Transparency In Measuring As A Group The Relative Spiritual Health Of Their Church, As Well As A Practical Prescriptive Plan For Implementing This Metric Measuring Strategy Without Becoming Legalistic.Most Attractional Church Models Can Lean Heavily On Making Changes To The Weekend Worship Gatherings And While Some Of These Changes Can Be Good, Thriving Grace Focused Churches Are Driven By A Commitment To The Gospel, Allowing The Gospel To Inform And Shape The Worship Service And The Various Ministries Of The Church.

  • Audio CD
  • The Gospel-Driven Church
  • Jared C. Wilson
  • 11 September 2017
  • 9781721347568

About the Author: Jared C. Wilson

Jared C Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Managing Editor of For The Church ftc.co , and Director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri He is the author of numerous books, including Gospel Wakefulness, The Prodigal Church, and, most recently, The Imperfect Disciple Wilson blogs regularly at

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    I found this book quite disappointed It is formulaic and superficial One of the obvious contributors to this is that there is no chapter on prayer which is crucial.

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    A fantastically challenging and thought provoking book that forces you to honestly evaluate your entire walk and ministry Told with real clarity and conviction, the exposition is driven along by an accompanying modern day parable.I have only one criticism that same parable feels unfinished and having established a firm foundation the author descends into a long shopping list of do s and don ts that fairly presume the justifications for his recommendations have already been...

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    I wish I had this book from Wilson eight years ago when I transitioned a ministry in the way he describes in this book Each chapter provides helpful insight and reminders for those looking to make the gospel the center of their church and life Wilson uses a fictional large church s transition as a trail throughout but the tools and pr...

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    If I could somehow get every member of my church to read one book, this would be the one Wilson reframes the church growth conversation around the gospel and encourages pastors to prayerfully labor for healthy growth that can only come from God s work in the gospel It is written with humility and a pastoral heart The major strength of this book is that it is not merely theoretical Often books will give you a gospel vision for ministry and never tel...

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    This book is for church leaders members who have been thinking, What is this new gospel centred thing I have been hearing about and for those who have been struggling with how to measure if your ministry or church is practicing a Christ centred understanding of grace This has been an excellent summation of a gospel driven ecclesiology with clear appeal to re evaluate what we church leaders and members measure as successful ...

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    If you want a gospel driven ministry, you must resign your will to the supremacy of the glory of Christ and trade your personal ambitions for the beauty of Christ s bride This sums up Wilson s message I cringe at how often my arrogance has been at odds with God s mission Notes Heaven counts disciples, not decisions 13 And almost entirely new congregation every 5 to 7 years 21 Chapter 1 The dilemma, what if it s not working 23 The attractional church 24 A way of doing church ministry whose primary purpose is to make Christianity appealing When attraction becomes the primary mission, you tend to use whatever works to attract them 25 Whatever you win people with is what you win them to 25 The attractional church is built upon two functional ideologies consumerism and pragmatism 25 essentially asking who is our customer What does our customer want Kay s thoughts on the above, it s poop Very often, what the customer wants is not what the customer needs 26 Pragmatism is what happens when you turn practicality into a formula The pragmatists mantra says, if it works, work it 26 Pragmatism is a sinful way of thinking, if only because it does not rely on the Holy Spirit 26 Judging a church s health purely on visible metrics is unrelia...

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    This book is for those who feel like their church has a sincere heart but a misguided model Those who feel that Christians have gotten good at complicating the things that God intended to be simple and accessible Those who are scratching their heads at why worshiping God in traditional and thoughtful ways has become exclusively considered as a reformed brand while the rest of the Church has to cascade deeper into progressive ideals as though innovation and performance are an inescapable gravity well that invariably supersedes the Gospel.I imagine that many readers of this book, like me, were led there because this call for Gospel centered church life is already on their hearts I often found this work to put some words to things I only partially know how to say, and Wilson is a voice of hopeful encouragement where many of his colleagues have campaigned in criticism for progressive church models, neither offering help nor expecting change The fact that he can use Andy Stanley or Willow Creek Church as examples without mobilizing a witch hunt is a good sign we re dealin...

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    Read my full review at Jared Wilson, I was not trained in the attractional driven model of ministry I am not trying to transition my church to a gospel driven model because we are already a gospel driven church and are trying to excel still 1 Thessalonians 4 1 Yet, I desperately needed the message in The Gospel Driven Church Uniting Church Growth Dreams with the Metrics of Grace for my own soul and for my leadership as a pastor.I enjoy reading, but it s not often that I highlight something on almost every page of a book There were so many solid points and wise nuances throughout the book that I found myself doing this but also often writing comments in the margin like Wow Yes So true Important Here are three reasons that The Gospel Driven Church is not just for pastors and leaders who are thinking of transitioning their church from being attractionally driven to gospel driven.1 It is important to understand the differences between a church being attractionally driven and gospel driven.Jared defines the attractional church as a way of doing church ministry whose primary purpose is to make Christianity appealing He quickly explains that a growing church isn t the problem It bears mentioning that people being attracted to church is not in itself a bad thing But when attraction becomes the primary mission, you tend to use whatever works to attract them the problem is that doing what...

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    As someone who believed in and was part of the seeker targeted and then seeker sensitive church model, this book was not always easy to hear Even the comments on certain pastors and ministries that I have learned from over the years made this a difficult listen at points Thinking Yes, but at many points I kept listening and was glad that I did This book is not only about grace it is full of grace It is not meant to tear down but to build up Many of us believe the church should be Gospel driven but this writer gives us a context for making sure that is what we really do It rings true for me It doesn t say that it is easy to repurpose a church It states quite the opposite.I liked the intertwining of a story of a pastor and a local church attempting this shift along with the specifics of why and how It made it easier to see.I recommend this book I ve dec...

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    Excellent book that outlines what it means to call your church ministry Gospel Centered That s a phrase that s become increasingly popular over the last few years, but there remains much confusion about what that means Does preaching the gospel mean one s ministry is Gospel Centered, or is there to it Wilson provides wh...

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