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Have More Fun When Was The Last Time You Had Some Good And Serious Fun If Your To Do List Has Become The Boss Of You, If You Re So Exhausted And Overwhelmed You Can T Remember All Of That Is About To Change Have More Fun Is Your Crash Course To Getting Unstuck, Laughing Freely, And Enjoying The Ride.MOPS International CEO, Mandy Arioto, Is Known To Thousands Worldwide As A Lively Storyteller, A Force Of Hope, And An Audacious Risk Taker She Brings It All In This Rollicking Adventure Of A Book Bent On Helping You Do Of What Makes You Come Alive.Have More Fun Is For Anyone Who Has Forgotten That Fun Is An Option In A World Where Political Dramas And Cultural Uncertainties Churn Through Our News Feed Every Day, Mandy Is Here To Suggest That The Answer To Many Of The Most Pressing Questions Is Fun.How Do I Get Done Fun.How Do I Parent In Meaningful Ways FunHow Do I Make Friends Fun.How Can I Find My Purpose Fun.How Do I Spice Up My Sex Life Fun.How Do I Adapt When Things Don T Go As Planned Fun.How Do I Improve My Marriage Fun.Not To Mention That Choosing Fun Can Be A Spiritual Discipline A Place To Experience The Boundless Love And Joy Of God In Everyday, Surprising Ways If You Have Ever Waited Until Your To Do List Is Finished To Have Fun Or You Can T Remember The Last Time You Really Laughed, It Is Possible You Might Be Taking Life, Work, Or Parenting Too Seriously Weaving Together Science, Historical Trends, Hilarious Stories, Practical Ideas And Spiritual Truth, Mandy Uncovers Fresh Ways To Take Fun Seriously Instead.

  • Audio CD
  • Have More Fun
  • Mandy Arioto
  • 07 May 2018
  • 9781721347599

About the Author: Mandy Arioto

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Have More Fun book, this is one of the most wanted Mandy Arioto author readers around the world.

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    I am a MOPS Coordinator and we received a book as part of our group registration I decided to pick it up and read it as I was wrestling with MOPS International s take on the theme for the next year of MOPS and the way they interpreted the scripture To start out with, the book seemed light on theology, mostly fluff, but relatively harmless There were some good thoughts on ways to add fun to every day life The book was a light read, not a Christian book, but maybe a self help one However, when it is printed by a Christian publisher and written by a women who is a CEO of a Christian organization, it is presented as a Christian book, whether that was the design or not As I continued on, there were a few particular parts that stuck out as problematic from a Christian standpoint In the parenting chapter, Mandy asks what if our first responsibility in raising kids is to enjoy them No, as a Christian parent, my first responsibility is to be an ambassador of Christ to them After finishing the book, I learned that that particular passage references Rob Bell, who is himself a false teacher Mandy actually acknowledges that some people won t like that she quotes him in the notes in the back of the book, but says we can disagree with his theology and still listen to his parenting advice Well, no that doesn t work for me When I got to the chapter on Spirituality, there were red flags Mandy makes light of faith and at the end suggests taking communion with cake and champagne Communion as...

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    I got this due to my involvement with MOPS, the organization she is in charge of which is meant to be a ministry to moms While the book has some funny stories in it, I found it was seriously lacking in the faith and solid Biblical teaching aspect It felt like a good old fashioned self help book relying on your own power ...

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    Once upon a time, I made a bucket list full of fun adventures Now I make To Do list for cleaning my house What I loved about this book is Mandy s real examples on hope to bring fun back in to my home I don t have to go Cli...

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    3.5ish stars I m on the fence This book seemed to be right up my alley Women Having fun That sounds like something I want of However, it should have a disclaimer as this book is for a very specific demographic white, middle class, suburban, Christian, women with children She s a mom and former youth pastor, so those two identities show up strongly I decided not to judge her too much and listen to a voice I wouldn t normally seek out, just to see what I could glean from it The book is short and fun is universal, right I skipped a good portion of the parenting chapter because I had no interest in it, otherwise I read on Many women who don t fit in the aforementioned demographic, like myself, may find themselves skipping personally irrelevant bits of the book I was initially, and momentarily, turned off early on because she uses the watered down phrase racial tension instead of just saying racism That was the first sign that this book may not be my style It has noble intentions, but isn t fully woke However, the empowerment chapters that have true feminist vibes and draw from history are full of the aliveness fun awakening force a woman might really need in her life There is a strong call in this book to make spiritual practices fun as well I wouldn t call this book preachy, but she does reference her faith many times.Arioto promotes body love, writing strangers love notes, b...

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    Mandy s book helped me realize how I had been sitting on the sidelines of my own life remembering to plan, clean, launder, cook, repeat She taught me how to put groove back and get out of the hum drum place I was in

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    Loooooooved this book Interesting, fun, easy to read and a powerfully simple idea to have fun with your life I consider this book a personal challenge

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    Mandy Arioto s Have More Fun called me out for spending too much time pinning and not enough time doing, and had me crying all within the first two chapters.I loved this book I received a free advance review copy of the book because I m a MOPS member and I signed up for the Have More Fun Street Team What I loved most about the book, aside from the content inside it, was the fact that the chapters were short and snappy They got to the point very quickly This isn t a book that is going to take you a long time to finish, and let s be honest, as moms we often don t have a lot of time to read a book I have a long commute, so I think I might be the exception With this book, you can get through a chapter while your kids are watching TV and you re in the kitchen stirring dinner That s what I did And you ll definitely want to read this book while making dinner and during any other free time you have because it s a book that will help you find your joy Through multiple facets of your life parenthood, fitness, body image, marriage, and Arioto outlines how to take your everyday situations that may seem dull, stale, or just plain ha...

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    With my involvement in MOPS, I quickly became a fan of Mandy s She is full of encouragement and words of wisdom for those moms with young kids When I ve heard Mandy Arioto speak, she draws me in with a story and leads me to a truth I am desperately needing to be reminded of This book is no different except it applies to everyone, not just moms.I loved reading Have More Fun I was stuck in the mundane, the routines, the messes, the sibling fights and I didn t know how to get out I was stressed about getting it all done And in Mandy s typical fashion of gently telling you a story about herself or a friend or a long ago someone, she leads you to a truth you desperately need Example Have no fear about dancing like no one is watching Because no one is watching, they are checking their phones So dance away She talks about all aspects of life including parenting, marriage, work, relationships, and even church How we take it...

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    I am an adult I am a mom I have always wanted to be a mom, but somewhere in that process, I got lost, and fun was non existent I ve known of Mandy Arioto, from my participation in Mothers of Preschoolers MOPS , and always admired the fun that she projected into her presentations, conferences, etc When I heard this book was comi...

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    This book is a must for anyone who feels like their life is missing that spark that other people seem to have or if you ve lost the spice of life you once had Mandy writes in a relatable, genuinely real and fun way that makes you feel like she s your best girlfriend having coffee with you There are HILARIOUS stories that will make you cry just as much as the heartwarming, heart string tugging ones will Along with the stories, she provides practical ways of adding...

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