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If a Mummy Could Talk ... Mummies Can T Talk But With Modern Scientific Tools, We Can Still Discover What A Mummy Has To Tell Us Read The Stories Of Mummified Egyptian Pharaohs And Priestesses, Baby Elephants, Pampered Pets, And Even A Prehistoric Bison Uncover Clues To Centuries Old Murder Mysteries And Human Sacrifices, And Even Find Out What A Person Or Animal Had For Their Last Meal Information From Real Scientists Explains How We Know What We Know About Each Mummy So What Do These Mummies Have To Say Lots, It Turns Out

  • Unknown Binding
  • If a Mummy Could Talk ...
  • Rhonda Lucas Donald
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9781643511559

About the Author: Rhonda Lucas Donald

Rhonda Lucas Donald has written than a dozen books for children and teachers, including her newest books IF A MUMMY COULD TALK Abordale and FIONA FINDS LOVE from Who Chains You Publishing, Other titles include DINO TREASURES, DINO TRACKS, and DEEP IN THE DESERT, all from Arbordale Publishing Older titles include LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS and Scholastic activity books on AMERICAN HISTORY CRAFTS

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    Of course, mummies can t talk, but scientists can use those remains to figure out what life was like for them or to figure out how they died or what they last ate I liked how this book was set up One page is written from the first person point of view so that readers feel as though they are inside the mind of a wooly mammoth, a cat, a dog, a bog man, an Incan maiden, among others, and then the second page shares a scientist s comments and insight about that particular mummy Back matter includes information about how to make a mumm...

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