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Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Higher Education Leadership Gender Studies In The Professional Realm Has Long Been A Heavily Researched Field, With Many Feminist Texts Studying Topics Including The Wage Gap And Family Life However, Female Administration In Higher Education Remains Largely Understudied, Particularly On The Influence Of Personal, Professional, And Societal Factors On Women There Is A Need For Studies That Seek To Understand How Gender Intersects With The Multiple Dimensions Of Women Leaders Personhoods, Such As Family Status, Marital Status, Age, Race, Ethnicity, And Sexual Orientation, To Inform Women S Career Path Experiences And Leadership Aspirations Challenges And Opportunities For Women In Higher Education Leadership Is A Pivotal Reference Source That Provides Vital Research On The Specific Challenges, Issues, Strategies, And Solutions That Are Associated With Diverse Leadership In Higher Education While Highlighting Topics Such As Educational Administration, Leader Mentorship, And Professional Promotion, This Publication Explores Evidence Based Professional Practice For Women In Higher Education Who Are Currently In Or Are Seeking Positions Of Leadership, As Well As The Methods Of Nurturing Women In Administrative Positions This Book Is Ideally Designed For Educators, Researchers, Academicians, Scholars, Policymakers, Educational Administrators, Graduate Level Students, And Pre Service Teachers Seeking Current Research On The State Of Educational Leadership In Regard To Gender.