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The Best Horror of the Year For Than Three Decades, Ellen Datlow Has Been At The Center Of Horror Bringing You The Most Frightening And Terrifying Stories, Datlow Always Has Her Finger On The Pulse Of What Horror Readers Crave Now, With The Tenth Volume Of The Series, Datlow Is Back Again To Bring You The Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night.Encompassed In The Pages Of The Best Horror Of The Year Have Been Such Illustrious Writers As Neil GaimanKim Stanley RobinsonStephen KingLinda NagataLaird BarronMargo LanaganAnd Many OthersWith Each Passing Year, Science, Technology, And The March Of Time Shine Light Into The Craggy Corners Of The Universe, Making The Fears Of An Earlier Generation Seem Quaint But This Light Creates Its Own Shadows The Best Horror Of The Year Chronicles These Shifting Shadows It Is A Catalog Of Terror, Fear, And Unpleasantness As Articulated By Today S Most Challenging And Exciting Writers.

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  • 512 pages
  • The Best Horror of the Year
  • Ellen Datlow
  • 20 January 2019
  • 9781597806459

About the Author: Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow has been an award winning editor of short science fiction, fantasy, and horror for over twentyfive years She is editor of the Best Horror of the Year and has edited or co edited a large number of award winning original anthologies Her most recent are Supernatural Noir, Naked City, Blood and Other Cravings, The Beastly Bride, Teeth, Trolls Eye View, and After the last three with Ter

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    My thanks to Skyhorse publishing and Netgalley.Truth is, Ellen Datlow almost always does a great job of picking stories and author s Now, if that s not what she does, then I take it back Somebody does a great job I liked a good 70% of these stories Not bad Was it the best horror of the year Eh, that s always debatable What I enjoy about anthologies is the fact that I probably wouldn t have read any of these stories, were it not for the fact that they are collected here Cool beans

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    In memory of Gardner Dozois He passed away I had no idea The world of anthologies is bereft of its master I ll be reviewing each short story as I finish it so future me will thank past me in a well earned time travel handshake Each short story s review is structured as follows 1 A description of the genre2 An overall view of my taste or distaste at the story3 Some useful star ratings.Wait, Gardner Dozois passed away last year That s horrible I had no idea The world of anthologies is bereft of its master I Remember Nothing Anne Billson What if you wake up next to your suspected rapist The room is wholly unfamiliar and rancid You have stiff, stretched and threadbare muscles and painful twangs in your thighs What if, when you confront him, he says what did you put in my drink Well, a post it note hunt ensues, packed with decapitated, talking heads that tell you remembering will set you free Genre splatter gore, psychological horror, ShyamalanCharacters Scare factor Dread factor Suspense Creature feature Shyamalan Twist if featured Plot Ambience Writing Monkey s on the Beach When you have something old, wash it new This story doesn t belong in a horror anthology.This story was a hodgepodge horror that tried to be new and nuanced but was of a family tragedy than a horror Don, his wife Selene and his children, Lisbeth and Geoffrey are on a holiday on a remote island Geoffrey took the rushing water from his stepmother, fingers feeling the vibration of thehard green rubber Sucked in breath So many new adventures, when you re young.Things become strange, almost like a small town horror The family washes their rental car and Don receives a ticket for wasting wateron an island Sheriff Axonil gives him another ticket for a mysterious Cyrillic satellite that breaks the pool of the rental house they are in But how is the sheriff always there on time It s never explained Things get darker and so much worse when the children feed wild monkeys from there on ho boy The lead monkey sat up, brown hindquarter setting down in the sand..as if begging, big lips pulling back, exposing his fangs, chattering The monkey rips out Lisbeth s eye Things get dark Don drinks .The ending is a despondent and disappointing end to an interesting concept The writing is very much Cormac McCarthy, and there is evocative and stirrings pieces on familial relations The story challenges the trope of the evil stepmother by providing a kind, gentle one.Genre small town horror, vacation gone wrong, family paranoiaCharacters Scare factor Dread factor Suspense Creature feature Shyamalan Twist if featured Plot Ambience Writing Painted By Wolves by Ray Cluley A crew of nature documentary directors and voice actors go to South Africa to capture some rare footage They do just that they capture wild dogs catching and devouring a wildebeest It s certainly something I ve never seen Tom is unsettled by this despite all killings he s seen in the wild There s something unnatural about the way the wild dog looks him dead in the eyes.And then the idiot decides to take out a bottle of Mampoer.What is Mampoer Well let me tell you, it s not a type of brandy like Wikipedia alleges Hearken and hear my call that stuff is closer in concentration to alcohol swabs than brandy I m not talking store Mampoer I mean the stuff that gets distilled in Oom Jan s backyard So, basically legal moonshine.Jy s mal as jy dink dat brandewyn na aan Mampoer is brannewyn gee jou net babbelaas maar Mampoer is a blerrie doodstraf This was the third story in this anthology and so far the horror does not have my skin crawling at all However, Tom, the main character, perceives his fellow humans in an interesting fashion He s especially careful and gentle of his descriptions of Jenny, and ex Big Brother star, with whom he is in love The characters are fleshed out well figuratively and literally.Overall, this is a done to death Invasion of the Body Snatchers type story.Genre David Attenborough gone wrong, Maybe the human is the real beastCharacters Scare factor Dread factor Suspense Creature feature Shyamalan Twist if featured Plot Ambience Writing

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    3.5 stars somewhere between liked and really liked However, I m bumping this up to 4 stars due to the strength of the historical shipwreck story Haunt This story, about the slave trade, guilt, and personal responsibility, blew me away And so timely It echoed a lot of Coleridge s Rime of the Ancient Mariner and was absolutely stunning it made me tear up.Another standout for me was The Donner Party Yes, it s about eating people, but not how you think this is an English Regency romance really with added cannibalism The slow creeping dread was really well done.The remaining two stories I especially enjoyed were No Exit, about cults and cosmic horror, and Back Along the Old Track, which reminded me of the notorious X Files episode called Home Following are very short reviews for each story.I Remember Nothing Anne Billson 3 stars Some trippy imagery and good descriptions of violence.Monkeys on the Beach Ralph Robert Moore 2 stars Meh Depressing Not really horror, but about the awful things that happen in life and a sort of nihilism about them At least, that was my reading Painted Wolves Ray Cluley 2 stars Also depressing About being unable unwilling to stop terrible things from happening Lots of animal and sexual violence.Shit Happens Michael Marshall Smith 3 stars Scary monsters combined with gross humor is probably not everyone s thing, but I enjoyed it.You Know How the Story Goes Thomas Olde Heuvelt 3 stars Good urban legend story.Back Along the Old Track Sam Hicks 4 stars I adore folk horror, and this is a creepy example.Masks Peter Sutton 3 stars A retelling of The Lottery I really liked it, but felt it was nothing new.The Donner Party Dale Bailey 5 stars Love the twist in this story and the slow creeping dread as you realize just what kind of person the protagonist is.Milkteeth Kristi DeMeester 3 stars Brief but intriguing Haak John Langan 3 stars Almost 4 stars but it verges on being a bit cheesy for me However, I loved the literary references.Thin Cold Hands Gemma Files 4 stars I m a sucker for these fairy narratives I thought the writing was a bit awkward, though, which is strange since I usually like Files.A Tiny Mirror by Eloise C C Shepherd 2 stars This is spooky, but barely a story.I Love You Mary Grace Amelia Mangan 4 stars Loved the weird imagery the dog head and the conclusion.The Jaws of Ouroboros Steve Toase 3 stars I m not huge into stories about cartel gang violence, but standing stones that become teeth and chew up the landscape Hell yeah A Brief Moment of Rage Bill Davidson 3 stars Sad, violent, and timely.Golden Sun Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters, and Michael Wehunt 3 stars I liked the varying viewpoints, but they also made things vague.White Mare Thana Niveau 3 stars This should have been great again, I adore folk horror , but the writing seemed too simplistic and there were some unanswered questions Girls Without Their Faces On Laird Barron 4 stars I always enjoy Barron Here he combines two of his loves Alaska and cosmic horror.Thumbsucker Robert Shearman I don t know 3 stars This is a very uncomfortable story, one that functions on a symbolic level On the literal level it s super gross, lol.You Are Released Joe Hill 4 stars I disliked reading this story, about being on a commercial flight when WW3 breaks out I found it upsetting But isn t that what horror is supposed to do Thus the high rating.Red Rain Adam Troy Castro 3 stars Ahhh so gory Split Chain Stitch Steve Toase My galley is missing this story Not sure if it s been cut or just an error with the proof Likely the latter No Exit by Orrin Grey 4 stars Cults and cosmic horror two of my favorite things in horror stories.Haunt Siobhan Carroll 5 enormous stars Wow This story alone is worth the price of the book About guilt and personal culpability Not for the faint hearted.Sleep Carly Holmes My galley is missing this story Not sure if it s been cut or just an error with the proof Likely the latter I received this review copy from the publisher on NetGalley Thanks for the opportunity to read and review I appreciate it

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    Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday Every year as summer turns to autumn, I start reading all the horror novels and short stories I can get my hands on I sit out on my porch on cool fall evenings reading whatever chilling, spooky bit of fiction or even non fiction has come to hand This year, my horror season started early as I discovered story anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow OMG.how did I miss these Datlow has been editing fantasy, sci fi and horror anthologies for 25 years I am SO glad that I received a review copy of this book because my TBR pile has grown exponentially in my three favorite genres The Best Horror of the Year Volume 11 gathers 25 stories Some of the authors were familar favorites like Joe Hill for example and others were new to me Carly Holmes, Laird Barron This is a varied, outstanding collection of horror fiction There wasn t a single story I didn t like Some were to my taste than others.but the joy of a story anthology is that it s a collection of differing writing styles and flavors I read this story collection slowly, giving myself time to enjoy it One or two stories a nighttook time to read up on the authors.and smiled as my TBR list got a lot larger I added several books and stories by the featured authors to my must read list, as well as every anthology edited by Ellen Datlow I will be kept in horror, fantasy and sci fi bliss for the foreseeable future At the back of the book there is also an honorable mention list for stories that almost made the cut for this anthology.I m going to find those stories or other works by those authors and read those as well My library has several of the back volumes of this series as audio books I m so excited I can have some outstanding horror read to me Woot Great book Full stars from me I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Skyhorse Publishing All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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    You know the drill with these.I Remember Nothing Anne BillsonA woman wakes up with no memory of the night before, next to a man she doesn t know and draws the obvious conclusions, which turn out to be wrong Gorier than I usually like, although I appreciated the nightmare urgency and confusion of the whole scenario Surreal body horror, emphasis on the horror and the bodily fluids From an anthology of stories inspired by Joy Division s Unknown Pleasures I think we re running out of anthology themes.Monkeys on the Beach Ralph Robert MooreA young second wife vacations with her husband and stepchildren on a Carribean island Cultural differences are throwing everything off kilter before the outright surreal tragedies start Ends in a jackhammer stream of brutally short, chopping sentences I really liked this one Fictional step parents don t often get a chance to shine Painted Wolves Ray CluleyIn South Africa s Kruger National Park, a crew the sad sack sound guy narrator, a bully, and a lackey and the Z list celebrity host a starlet whose closest claim to fame was being on Big Brother of the nature documentary they re making are briefly stalked by African hunting dogs Violence comes from another direction I m torn about this one I would love to never read another story about this kind of violence for the rest of my life, but it was well written, the dogs were suitably creepy and a nice red herring , the structure addressed from the sad sack to the starlet was nice, and the ending dissolution was well differentiated from the previous narrative.Shit Happens Michael Marshall SmithLiterally Shit zombies Do with that what you will.You Know How the Story Goes Thomas Olde HeuveltAn urban legend role reversal where the narrator victim is the hitchhiker picked up by a supernatural entity in Croatia The Tall Lady is a creepy presence of ever shifting proportions, but she doesn t make up for an annoying narrative voice and the whole thing felt a bit too creepypasta ugh for me Back Along the Old Track Sam HicksEnglish folk horror about a creepy, isolated family and an anxious visitor from the city Shades of Poroth Farm, always a good thing Doesn t quite stick the landing but for the author s first published work this is very impressive.Masks Peter Sutton A sharp little number about shipwreck survivors that nicely trickles out details and knows exactly when to end More surreal than she usually worked, but echoes Shirley Jackson.The Donner Party Dale BaileyCannibals, but not the ones you think Unsettling class politics in Victorian England, also exactly as long as it needed to be and with a sharp, perfect ending I really need to dig deeply into Bailey s work I was just thinking about I Was a Teenage Werewolf the other day.Milkteeth Kristi DeMeesterAnother anthology mainstay, DeMeester continues to hone a very particular and personal kind of story nightmarish, hazy, focused on women s girls experiences of family and predation and socialization Beautiful work.Haak John LanganAn astonishing cavalcade of literary allusions and nested narratives hinging on Peter The Great God Pan bookended by a paean to the power of teaching.Thin Cold Hands Gemma FilesA changeling story, an undead fairy facetiously compared to Tinkerbell hints of Haak Creepy but something about the prose style kept me from connecting with it fully Files knows what she s doing so this was probably on purpose.A Tiny Mirror Eloise C C Shepherd A child s imaginary friend helps him cope with his father s death Builds a mood nicely but then it s over just as it seems like it s getting going Rather old fashioned, right up to the strangely inconsequential framing device.I Love You Mary Grace Amelia ManganA deconstructed werewolf story, the narrator s ennui and loneliness channeled through choppy sentences and increasingly sensory details of rural poverty and suburban disconnection Good stuff The Jaws of Ouroboros Steve ToaseStanding stones turn out to be mysterious mouths that begin devouring the UK An intriguing setup, although I had a bit of trouble following the imagery on a mechanical level, and the actual plot of drugdealing savagery didn t do much for me.A Brief Moment of Rage Bill Davidson A deconstructed zombie story sensing a theme here short and punchy, with a great last line.Golden Sun Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters, and Michael WehuntFour recollections about a middle child s disappearance on a family vacation Creepy refrains, unreliable ish narrators, vague and unsettling, just the way I like it.White Mare Thana NiveauMari Lwyd adjacent folk horror about an American girl and her single dad inheriting a house in the UK that comes with a horse BFF Very YA ish ie not the way I like it.Girls Without Their Faces On Laird Barron A woman realizes her mysterious new boyfriend is privy to things that should not be Excellent cosmic horror about final girls and Alaska There s one absolutely haunting scene in this one involving puppet strings that I m going to be hung up on for a long time.Thumbsucker Robert ShearmanA man s elderly father starts sucking his thumb after dinner one day, which seems to be a social phenomenon Shades of Dangerous Laughter, loneliness, and human contact Not really horror but I m glad to have read it.You Are Released Joe HillA passenger jet full of caricatures take turns relaying the beginning of a nuclear WWIII A real throwback, both to Cold War era apocalyptic fiction and to 2017 s momentary panic over North Korea threatening Guam Hill never connects with me.Red Rain Adam Troy CastroBodies begin to rain from the sky Incredibly bloody and effectively stressfully told in a second person interrogative voice Note that that s how I reviewed Datlow s collection last year and my lawyers will be contacting Castro soon This sort of gorefest is usually very much not to my taste but the voice and narrative momentum of this story is undeniable Very good stuff Split Chain Stitch Steve ToaseA knitting club is up to no good and the cop trying to infiltrate them comes to no good end Rather pro forma, down to the ominous knitting instructions sprinkled throughout.No Exit Orrin GreyYears after a cult massacre, the sister of one of the victims lets her curiosity get the better of her Feels like a strong Barron influence a good thing , until the very un LB ending, not the usual kind of denouement I enjoy but here it was effective.Haunt Siobhan CarrollA slow shipwreck and _something_ out in the storm prompt confessions from the crewmembers who used to work the slave trade Heavy, wonderfully realized, absolutely crushing.Sleep Carly Holmes An absolutely harrowing story of the exhaustion of single mothers, especially those whose child is some sort of sleep vampire An excellent end to the volume.

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    Stellar One of my favorites in this series so many stand outs Painted Wolves by Ray Cluley The Donner Party by Dale Bailey Thin Cold Hands by Gemma Files Golden Sun by Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters, and Michael Wehung Haunt by Siobhan Carrol Sleep by Carly HolmesAnd many others I enjoyed.

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    I love short horror stories and although I have not read all 11 volumes of The Best Horror Of The Year, Volume 11 stands out as my favorite among the few that I have read There are stories that are quite disturbing Thumbsucker by Robert Shearman and The Donner Party by Dale Bailey for example and stories that are frightening Milkteeth by Kristi DeMeester But my absolute favorites were those that featured people away from their homes facing strange customs such as in White Mare by Thana Niveau When a father and daughter claim an inheritance and get caught up in a tradition far different than the Halloween festivities they are used to at home, and Golden Sun where a family on vacation will be forever changed.There is something for every horror fan in these pages whether you are looking for thrills, scares or scifi I received an advance copy for review.

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    This book just wasn t as good as in previous years Lots of stories fell flat Some didn t even seem like horror stories The ones I liked were Golden Sun best story in the entire book , Monkeys on the Beach, The Donner Party, You Are Released, Painted Wolves, Split Chain Stitch, and No Exit

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    This is a collection of outstanding horror short stories and novellas published in 2018 I ve read many anthologies that are edited by the prolific Datlow and they re usually top notch so I went to this book with certain expectations Suffice it to say that it exceeded these In fact this is among the best I ve had this year, and yes I ve devoured a lot.The Summation focuses on exceptional horror dark fiction and non fictional written in 2018 It only covers literary works, so while poetry collections and chapbooks are included, TV series and movies are not The book also has an Honorable Mentions section that lists down still remarkable stories that didn t make the cut.I noticed that most of the entries here do try to live up to the word horror in all its vicious, visceral glory This is not quiet, bloodless fare it has meat, prime and glistening and dripping with juices, served very rare The strongest stories are Painted Wolves animals are not the only predator and prey recorded in a nature show filmed in the wilds of Africa The Donner Party where the exalted affirm their rank in society by partaking of human flesh One of the most chilling stories I ve ever read Milkteeth a girl receives a cursed legacy from her mother, which just might help her survive an apocalyptic landscape shaped by famine, hunger, and betrayal Haak in a story within a story within a story, an Armada ship that managed to elude their English pursuers ends up in terra incognita, where they unwittingly court the wrath of an ancient god The Jaws of Ouroboros a mercenary tasked with delivering raw materials from chewed up corpses gets one shot at saving his life Red Rain an ecstatically chaotic, blood and flesh spattered gorefest Haunts old sins and secret crimes come to the fore as the crew of a doomed merchant vessel try to survive the depredations of a hungry ghost shipWith hardly a weak entry, this is one truly formidable collection I m rating this 9 10 or 5 stars out of 5.

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    I REMEMBER NOTHING by Anne Billson WTF Incredibly creepy and I don t really understand it but I liked it just the same 3 stars.MONKEYS ON THE BEACH by Ralph Robert Moore This was terrible It made no sense and wasn t scary, just weird 2 stars.PAINTED WOLVES by Ray Cluley I did not like this story one iota Rape and threats of rape are not plotlines Just lazy, misogynist writing The second person POV was incredibly irritating, as well No stars for you.SHIT HAPPENS by Michael Marshall Smith Best one so far Zombies with a, uh, twistand some humor to boot 4 stars.YOU KNOW HOW THE STORY GOES by Thomas Olde Heuvelt Pretty good revamp of a golden oldie 3 stars.BACK ALONG THE OLD TRACK by Sam Hicks Good premise, great narrative 4 stars.MASKS by Peter Sutton I feel like I ve read this one before, but I didn t mind 3.5 stars.THE DONNER PARTY by Dale Bailey Truly bizarre Truly scary 4 stars.MILKTEETH by Kristi DeMeester More scary kids 4.5 stars.HAAK by John Langan I really loved this Like, a lot I love creepy, new fangled retellings of old stories, and this one is done particularly well 5 stars.THIN COLD HANDS by Gemma Files This is also one of the best stories in this collection 3.5 stars.A TINY MIRROR by Eloise C C Shepherd CREEPY KIDS RULE This one was very mysterious, as well 4 stars.I LOVE YOU MARY GRACE by Amelia Mangan I honestly have no idea what happened in this story, but it made me pretty uncomfortable, and not in a good way 2 stars.THE JAWS OF OUROBOROS by Steve Toase W T F Like, really Stonehenge is eating the world Is that what s going on here Very stress inducing, at any rate 3 stars.A BRIEF MOMENT OF RAGE by Bill Davidson Apocalypse fiction with a new slant Liked, but not loved 3 stars.GOLDEN SUN by Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters, and Michael Wehunt Sad and scary 4 stars WHITE MARE by Thana Niveau Weird and gross Not my favorite 2.5 starsGIRLS WITHOUT THEIR FACES ON by Laird Barron Too much dialogue ruined this one for me Didn t make any sense 2 stars.THUMBSUCKER by Robert Shearman Who the fuck thinks that men sucking their thumbs is scary Like, how do you think that up for a horror story and then actually write it Heck no 1 star.YOU ARE RELEASED by Joe Hill I read this one in Flight or Fright 17 Turbulent Tales, I think Not one of the better ones, either 2 stars.RED RAIN by Adam Troy Castro This had a great premise but I hated the execution Second person POV is so gross, plus it was all questions shudders 2 stars.SPLIT CHAIN STITCH by Steve Toase Well that escalated quickly 3 stars.NO EXIT by Orrin Grey This was very Lovecraftian and I liked it a lot 4 stars HAUNT by Siobhan Carroll This was engrossing and terrifying and I loved it I wish I knew how it came out for Swift 5 stars.SLEEP by Carly Holmes God kids are so creepy 4 stars.

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