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¡los Zombis No Comen Verduras! Mo Romero Is A Zombie Who Loves Nothing Than Growing, Cooking, And Eating Vegetables Tomatoes Tantalizing Peppers Pure Perfection The Problem Mo S Parents Insist That Their Ni O Eat Only Zombie Cuisine, Like Arm Panadas And Finger Foods They Tell Mo Over And Over That Zombies Don T Eat Veggies But Mo Can T Imagine A Lifetime Of Just Eating Zombie Food And Giving Up His Veggies As He Questions His Own Zombie Identity, Mo Tries His Best To Convince His Parents To Give Peas A ChanceSuper Duo Megan And Jorge Lacera Make Their Picture Book Debut With This Sweet Story In Spanish About Family, Self Discovery, And The Power Of Acceptance It S A Delectable Tale That Zombie And Non Zombie Fans Alike Will Devour

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