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An Embarrassment of Witches A Coming Of Age Urban Fantasy Set In A World Full Of Animal Familiars, Enchanted Plants, And Spell Casting That Explores The Mundane Horrors Of Breakups, Job Searches, And Post Graduate Existential AngstLife After College Isn T Turning Out Exactly As Rory And Angela Had Planned Rory, Recently Dumped At The Gate Of Her Flight To Australia, Needs To Find A New Life Path ASAP What Do You Do With A BA In Communications And A Minor In Southeast Asian Spellcraft Maybe Her Cute New Housemate Guy Is The Answer She S Looking For Spoiler Alert He Isn TMeanwhile, Angela Is Buckling Under The Pressure Of A High Stakes Internship In A Cutting Edge Cryptopharmocology Lab Run By Rory S Controlling Mother, Who Doesn T Know Rory Is Still In Town And Angela Hates Keeping Secrets An Embarrassment Of Witches Is The Story Of Two Childhood Friends Learning How To Be Adults And Hoping Their Friendship Can Survive The Change

  • Paperback
  • 204 pages
  • An Embarrassment of Witches
  • Sophie Goldstein
  • English
  • 07 November 2018
  • 9781603094627

About the Author: Sophie Goldstein

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the An Embarrassment of Witches book, this is one of the most wanted Sophie Goldstein author readers around the world.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestWitches seem to be the hot topic this year in young adult and new adult fiction, probably due in large part to the popularity of shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Witcher Well as someone who is obsessed with witches, I am all for it I grabbed AN EMBARRASSMENT OF WITCHES on impulse because I loved the cover and the concept seemed really good, too The best way to describe AEoW is like a cross between Jeph Jacques s Questionable Content webcomic and J.K Rowlings s Harry Potter.Rory is a college age witch living in an AU version of our world where all of the major brands have witchy twists Taco Spell , everyone has a familiar, animals can talk, and people can do magic She has just broken things off with her boyfriend and is trying to figure things out with a new guy, named Guy, and her best friend and roommate, Angela.There isn t really a plot to this comic It s like a coming of age but with magic Rory wants to be loved and have adventure, but she s a taker and a bit impulsive, so she s always making mistakes and pushing people around her away Angela wants to do really well on her new internship but she s a pushover who has trouble saying no and has a lot of anxiety, which revolves around a severe fear of failure.I loved the turquoise, yellow, and purple color palette The illustrations are whimsical but never overshadow the text or vice versa Anyone who loves books about magical schools or new adult books that don t sugarcoat real young adult problems will love this, especially if they like Questionable Content, Sabrina, or Harry Potter It ends on what I felt was a bit of a cliffhanger, though, so I hope there s books coming out of this universe I need closure Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4 to 4.5 stars

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    This is a terrific graphic novel about two witches, best friends dealing with guys, parents, school, growing up and navigating that weird space where you re close to being an adult but not there yet Angela s been the steady one and she s getting tired of covering for Rory s impulsive screw ups while dealing with her own stuff Each is trying to find her way in the witch world and it tests their friendship big time There s great world building Sophie Goldstein is a very clever storyteller she packs a lot into every character and plot twist Jenn Jordan s artwork is terrific, I love the color scheme and every page has clever and delightful things going on in the background that add to the story or just bring smiles The book is adorable and relatable realness in another realm where there are mandrakes and barnacle geese and broom Uber I loved it Great gift too.

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Emily ClarkAn Embarrassment of Witches is written by Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan and the art and cover design are by Sophie Goldstein The title it seems is a play on the phrase an embarrassment of riches meaning to have too many good things to choose between The story follows the lives of two young witches, both of whom are trying to do the next big thing in their lives after university For Rory, this means moving away from everything she s ever known, whereas for Angela it means staying at home and impressing her family.As things fall apart around them, they unknowingly become closer to living honestly and doing what they really want to with their lives, rather than what they think they want.This graphic novel was incredibly original and packed with the wisdom of those who can find value in their experiences, good or bad It explores very accurately in the opinion of someone who recently left university what life can be like after education, when it s so unclear what you should be or want to be, or even what others want you to be It s so easy to live your life thinking you know what is good for you when in reality all you are doing is trying to make someone else proud, or prove someone wrong.The magical realism of Goldstein and Jordan s plot and visuals will have you wanting and Every scenario, seemingly normal at first will surprise you with a touch of magic you didn t quite expect The surreal and the mundane combine so effortlessly in this tale that you find yourself relating to the most bizarre of scenarios, for example, spoiler alert , a barnacle goose falling on your head, interrupting a romantic moment The graphics have a colour scheme of mostly purples, yellows, and greens, which looks beautiful and striking and sets the scene perfectly in this parallel world where magic and witches exist.Something else I love about An Embarrassment of Witches is the fluidity of the pages, it is as if the structure of the page reacts to the characters and the situation, rather than it being something set in stone all the way through A page in it has just one word, yet the visuals make it one of my favourite pages in the whole novel On another page, there is a guide on how to do origami, and as the character is making the same thing, you feel you can interact with the story It just all feels so unique Having said this, the origami also features as a way to structure the story, in the form of a fortune teller, breaking up the story with remarks on how things are going, or what is coming next, like chapter titles, but much creative.The graphic novel is also a great exploration of friendship and how easy it can be to forget what s important to us when we are angry, lost and scared How important it is to just talk to each and say how we really feel.I haven t read anything like this before, something so relatable and magical at the same time I recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find themselves after a big change, or just wants an entertaining read, with beautiful visuals.

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    The moment a character broke into A Whole New World whilst flying on a magic carpet, I knew I was not going to regret reading this I m very happy to report I was right in that assumption.Having picked this up on a whim, I had no idea what I was getting but I loved it It managed to be funny, ridiculous, relatable, magical and heartwarming all at the same time It brilliantly explored recognisable aspects of life, such as parental expectations, being seen as a grown up but not quite feeling like one and changing relationship dynamics with yourself and other And it did all this whilst also featuring a talking hedgehog called Rhonda and a literal Little Shop of Horrors plant.I had so much fun with this and really hope these authors collaborate again, because they clearly have a brilliant sense of humour and outlook on the world and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading, both for its art style and plot.

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    Jenn Jordan and Sophie Goldstein together again I m so excited The first thing I have have to say about this comic is that the colors are GORGEOUS It s a really pretty book, with lots of super fun character and creature designs, like the animal familiars and the goose tree Visually, they knocked it outta the park The story focuses on a struggling friendship between two women fresh out of college They ve been friends since they are kids and have some long established bad patterns in their relationship Rory is selfish and afraid to take the next step in life, preferring to lean on others ambition and desires instead of bravely chasing her own goals Angela has landed a prestigious internship and struggles to stand up for herself They have to grow a bit apart in order to grow out of these habits, which is a difficult reality to accept Sophie and Jenn really capture the complicated nature of adult friendships It can be hard to recover when our paths diverge from those our friends are taking It s also hard to step away from the adults and friends who ve sheltered or cared for us in order to face our own faults, and Rory s story especially highlights that.A gorgeous, complex comic about growing up and friendship and, of course, mythical creatures I love it.

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    This was a fun, quirky little graphic novel about adulting Some young women, lifelong friends, each encounter the hardships of adjusting to adult life, and they each respond in their unique ways There s some drama, some crying, some laughing, and lots of fun imagery along the way.But it is also a little cliched Or a lot Sometimes that s okay, and I think it is mostly okay here, but it did create a sense of blandness to some degree Or maybe not quite blandness, maybe like over familiarity Regardless, no deep insights will be gained from this adult graphic novel, nor even practical advice about adjusting to the adult world of boring responsibilities Its message is akin to accept yourself and others for who you all are, and things will basically work out Sure, maybe everything will work out Or maybe it won t.The best part of the story are the familiars They should have their own book.3 5

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    This was a cute story, set in a parallel universe where witches are part of the population and everyone celebrates Saturnalia instead of Christmas, but the movies and other pop culture is the same It is a little confusing, but you get used to it There is air travel by plane or by flying ship And your famliars talk to you.And in the middle of this is 20 something Rory, who thought she had her life planned out, but life had other ideas in mind.There is humor, and play on words, and heart break, and all the usual stuff that happens to 20 something when they go out into the world.It is a quick read, but not something I would want to reread.

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    I tore through this painfully relatable, beautifully empathetic look at friendships, relationships, and finding your footing post college The fantasy setting lends a fun and imaginative atmosphere and frankly fantasy monsters are the most accurate way to depict the horrors of grad school anyway Loved the nuance with which this book treats all of its characters, notably its ostensible antagonists There are communication issues, people are complicated, situations are complicated, but no one is out right malicious Funny, expressive, and so obviously crafted with so much care and love from its authors.

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    This one took me by surprise I checked it out on a whim from Hoopla because the cover looked cool The art is fun and the colors are lovely Lots of bright but plain backgrounds with spots of detailed pattern Sometimes everyone but the main characters are in a purple shadow but sometimes not Panels are also used interestingly to carry the eye along The story is relatable in that early 20s way I love how it mixes our world and this witchy world together so well Honestly it took a few pages to understand that it s not our world Those in academia will enjoy the academic talk that we understand but also not because this is not our world It s light but it has heart and I recommend it, especially now.

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    Adapting to post college life, and trying to answer the Big Question what do you want to do when you grow up , is hard Relationships familial, friends, romantic get tested as people try to figure out What Next In this magical world Seers is a great store , Amanda and Rory try to negotiate their futures, both as individuals and as best friends There s growth, uncertainty, rejection, and snappy illustration, even as I m still trying to figure out how to read a graphic novel.

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