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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 12: To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before Ryan North Brings The Sensational Saga Of Squirrel Girl To A Close Brain Drain Is Missing A Sinister Face From The Past Returns And The Hitherto Unbeatable Doreen Green Will Have To Face Certain Defeat In Order To Save Her Friend Because It S Ryan S Last Story Ever, He And Artist Derek Charm Are Going All Out To Make It Completely Huge And Amazing And It Is Going To Blow Your Mind The Most Nuts Squirrel Girl Tale Ever Sees Lives Hang In The Balance, Narrative Threads Resolved And Shocking Reveals, Um, Revealed COLLECTING THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL

  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 12: To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before
  • Ryan North
  • English
  • 03 September 2017
  • 9781302917241

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10 thoughts on “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 12: To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before

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    read as single issues cries Goodbye Squirrel Girl You were so good from start to finish

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    Read as single issues.As 2019 is drawing to a close I ve been on a bit of a comics binge They make for the perfect just after Christmas but before New Years material when you re not even sure time exists any and that you re living in one big long endless night Squirrel Girl popped up in my Goodreads recommendations a few times but I kind of kept brushing it off, thinking it sounded too silly My friends, there is no such thing as too silly Embrace the silly I binged the comics and fell completely in love with Doreen Green the squirrel queen Nancy Whitehead is now my new comics waifu And Rachel Oh Rachel Our time was short, but I will always remember you These issues were an excellent, emotional way to end Ryan North et al s work on these stories Those pages with Galactus Man, I teared up big time Now I want to go back and reread from the very beginning again.

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    Read as singles Since issue 1 I am going to miss this book it is, and has always been, something special Also, if there s a next creative team, all I ask for is slams fist on table CANON Doreen Nancy.

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    I ve been reading this since issue 1 the first one was released It s been such an amazing ride, getting reintroduced to this character I didn t know much about and learning all about her and her amazing friends and reading her adventures Ryan, Erica and Derek made this book what it is And that is a beacon of positvity and love in the Marvel U and spoiler like Galactus said, we ll always have this to look back on It will forever be here Great, now I m getting emotional again.

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    I ll miss this series It was unexpectedly a lot of fun, always clever, funny and ridic Though I was skeptical when they changed artists and also its look for the last 18 issues, the title still retained its charm and spunk Cheers to trying something different and pulling it off for 50 60 issues.

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    One last big fight and a cute goodbye to Squirrel Girl Gonna miss this comic, it was such a gem.

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    Thank you Ryan, Erica, Derek and the rest of the Squirrel Girl team for this amazing comic For the past few years, this book has been a constant joy in my life I laughed a lot , cried ALSO A LOT , and had so much fun reading about Doreen and her pals adventures month after month I loved everything from the Twitter recap pages to Ryan s hilarious footnotes to the fan letters Of course I m sad to see the series go But as a certain purple gentleman says, these stories will always be there to revisit I know I ll be coming back to eat nuts and kick butts.

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    I was a fan of Squirrel Girl before this series That is not typed in a I liked her before she was cool sense It s just that from the first point I heard of the existence of Squirrel Girl I was in I was sold, I was hooked I got the Great Lakes Avengers comics, and a few other small appearances she made Then I found out she was getting her own solo comic, and with Ryan North who I loved from his online Dinosaur comics I was excited, this would be great And it WAS It has consistently been an amazing series that made Squirrel Girl very easy to adore The creative team fleshed out her character, hipped up her attire, gave her new friends And then new enemies, who quickly became new friends.I am a pessimist at heart, but the thing is I don t want to be Squirrel Girl is who I want to be There are room for all sorts of heroes in comics, but I feel like deep down fundamentally heroes are there to give us hope Doreen does that in spades.So here we are at the end of her comic Of course in comics there are never really ends I am hopefully someday she ll be back, maybe as part of a new team I d love to see her team up with Nadia Van Dyne some day or maybe some other creative team will get a chance to put their spin on a new solo comic Bottom line is what was done with this comic was incredible It s hard to see it end but in an era where a lot of Marvel comics struggle to get to a Volume 2 trade paperback, Squirrel Girl made it to Vol 12 It lasted a long time because it was so good And this conclusion is a great end to a great series Things come full circle It makes me glad there was a comic like this around, and I hope some day, in some fashion, there are to come.

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    Dear Marvel When you cancelled Spider Man Deadpool, The Unstoppable Wasp and the Agents of GIRL, and Mr and Mrs X, I jokingly said that you d better not cancel The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl It was a joke because this seemed like one of your most popular, all ages series Literally all ages An adult could enjoy the innocence as much as a child could enjoy the good natured adventures And now what do you do You cancel this series I mean you re making it easier and easier for this DC girl to keep picking up those titles rather than trying out different Marvel ones Why get invested if my favorites are going to get kicked to the curb Sincerely, One Very Sad Fan sigh Oh well, I guess I can hope that Squirrel Girl is just getting a new title There seemed to be hints of that in this graphic Still, as far as a farewell book goes, this one hit everything epic battle, funny moments, and a return of favorite characters Except Loki, which was kind of a bummer since he s on the cover Ah well Obviously if you ve stuck with Squirrel Girl all this time, you ll want bid her goodbye in this excellent story A good read, but a bittersweet read, too.

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    It s all come down to this Squirrel Girl and her friends against Melissa Morbeck and all of Doreen s enemies Four issues to finish it all off.And boy, are they four issues There are some tears in here, I won t lie to you The conversation between Doreen and Galactus in the penultimate issue is like a punch in the fucking face, because it s so well crafted that the double entendre of it all is utterly perfect God, this was a good book.If you ve been with Doreen this far, then you ll be rewarded Everything, everyone, and the kitchen sink are back to round everything out, and it all ends in the best three pages of Squirrel Girl comics you ll ever read Derek Charm s on top form on art, and Erika Henderson returns for two brilliant pages, as well as two panels that serve as her goodbye to Doreen that will have you sobbing all over again.Squirrel Girl Kicks butts, eats nuts, steals hearts 3 Doreen, see you again soon.

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