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According to Their Deeds Charles Beale Lives Happily In The Shadows Of Washington, D.C., As A Respectable Rare Books Dealer Or Mostly Respectable He Has A Streak Of The Gambler In Him And When A Devoted Client Dies A Man Deeply Connected To The Justice Department Beale Eagerly Regains The Man S Book Collectionand Soon Finds Himself With Than He Bid On In One Volume, Beale Discovers Documents Incriminating A Host Of Major Political Figures Blackmail Material That Might Have Led To Murder Weighing Questions Of Justice And Mercy And With A Bull S Eye On His Back Beale Must Untangle A Complicated Knot Of Deadly Lies And Dangerous Secrets.

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • According to Their Deeds
  • Paul Robertson
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9780764205682

About the Author: Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson is a computer programming consultant, part time high school math and science teacher, and the author of The Heir He is also a former Christian bookstore owner for 15 years , who lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia.

10 thoughts on “According to Their Deeds

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    If you ve ever dreamed of owning or simply working in a great bookstore, and you also like mystery suspense, then there is a good chance you will enjoy this book The plot works and the protagonist is interesting, but most of all I thoroughly enjoyed the witty repartee not only t...

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    This book was AWESOME Very colorful characters, and such an interesting story line To me, though it is set in modern times, it feels like a step back in time like an old movie which makes it almost timeless Take the time to read this You won t regret it

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    According to Their Deeds by Paul Robertson is an unexpected delight disguised as a political thriller mysterious book quest Charles Beale is quite content with his life as a rare book store owner in Alexandria, Virginia Married to his soulmate , Dorothy, and buying and selling books that inspire his soul, life has settled into a comfortable rhythm, even with the addition of a part time worker named Angelo who is doing his probation working at the store After the death of Charles friend, Derek, he purchases back the antique books on philosophy that Derek had purchased over the years He discovers Derek had a hidden life built on profiting from the secrets of others, and Charles determines what to do with this knowledge as well as discover who really murdered Derek and why Most books with this plot as a set up would quickly spiral into car chases, gunfights, and treks across the world Robertson instead turns the entire genre on its head with this quiet and incredibly intelligent mystery Charles method of investigation involves enigmatic conversations with t...

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    The story is about the proprietor of an antique bookstore who investigates the murder of one of his friends It is as much about his moral dilemma whether to act for justice or for mercy as it is about the solving the mystery Rather than slowly building, the plot ambles along until POW surprise and tragedy strike.The writing style is either bothersome or brilliant First of all, be prepared for hundreds of puns and wordplays I enjoyed them, but if you dislike puns Second, the writing is in the foreground it s impossible to ignore the writing and fully enter the story For a pop book, that s a defect, but on the other hand, it s fully expected of a Steinbeck or a Faulkner The author experiments with descriptions of particular themes watch for the descriptions of the wind, of Dorothy the protagonist s wife , and of dif...

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    When I requested According to Their Deeds, I didn t realize it was from a Christian publisher I wouldn t have read this book if I had so I m glad I didn t Deeds is not overtly Christian in nature It strikes me as fiction for Christians who just want to avoid sex and profanity There is, of course, a moral to the story, but it isn t rammed down the reader s throat There is a subtlety that I appreciated But what about the story, you ask The main character is a rare book dealer who becomes involved in a mystery following the death of a long time client The story is well structured and keeps you in suspense to the very end I m a sucker for mysteries and books with a book connection so I enjoyed the story The political element was an added bonus Overall, I would recommend According to Their Deeds to those looking for a light, quick read who share my bent towards book related mystery It i...

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    According to Their Deeds is one of those fun books that touches a lot of genres and I think will appeal to a lot of readers It s got suspense with a light hearted mystery feel, it has a bit of a literary quality with a good deal of humor, and it makes you think about how far mercy and justice should go.The main character, Charles, runs a rare book bookshop in Alexandria, Virginia, and he stumbles upon some secret information about Washi...

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    This book was very hard to get into I almost gave up the first fifty pages but something after that held my interest This book is very different from a lot of books that I read I can understand why many people think that it is boring because of the plays on words and dry humor It did make the point that the autho...

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    Christian literature is improving The mystery was compelling Our hero is the owner of a rare books store in Alexandria, VA, outside of Washington D.C He purchases a book collection at auction and discovers secrets in one...

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    The conversation style of the book was difficult to follow I often didn t know exactly who was speaking Wish the author had used less of that because the descriptions of surroundings that were given were well writtenwould ve liked of them I did LOVE all of the talk of books woven into the plot I al...

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    Amazing murder mystery book When I started reading it I thought it was the most boring mystery ever, but when I finally realized what the author was trying to display I was glued to the pages DOnly for those who have a mind for philosophical ethi...

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