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Kitchen no Ohimesama HAPPILY EVER AFTER Najika Heads To Paris For A Major Cooking Competition, While Things With Daichi Fall Apart And Personal Tragedy Strikes Again Will Seiya Pick Up The Pieces And Will Najika Stay True To Daichi This Is The Final Volume Of Kitchen Princess Includes Special Extras Plus Recipes After The Story

  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
  • Kitchen no Ohimesama
  • Natsumi Andō
  • English
  • 03 March 2017
  • 9780345510273

About the Author: Natsumi Andō

, And Natsumi is a Japanese manga artist She is best known for Zodiac P.I as well as Kitchen Princess, for which she won the Kodansha Manga Award for children s manga in 2006.Favorites Donald DuckFavourite manga Ossu Ichijin and Kimagure Orange RoadFavourites meats and fruitsHobbies shopping, reading and watching TV

10 thoughts on “Kitchen no Ohimesama

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    Aww, Daichi s dad So many feels in these last volumes

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    Najika finds her flan prince and is finally able to continue on cooking and after she finds out that her hagio sensei is feeling better Will she be able to find out if Daichi likes her back Read on and f...

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    Amazing manga series Absolute must read

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    it was a really fast read for me i went through 5 books in two hours, imagine how fast someone with reading skills can get through this it was a much happier than i expected i was expecting grandma and daichi to die too, and maybe she ll have a bittersweet relationship with seiya what was i to expect with how the first half went plus, i totally thought it was funny how sora was recycled into seiya oh, the...

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    A Quickie ReviewThis manga series ends with a bang If you ve invested your time in the series up to this point, you must read this one

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    This was a wonderful ending to the series As always, the story was cute and the art was beautiful I really enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster this time around, haha I think this is the most adorable manga I ve ever read I liked all of Natsumi And s choices regarding each of the characters and the...

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    I did it I read an entire manga series, one of my goals this summer I like the idea of manga, but somehow I don t find it very enjoyable to read This story was adorable and I m looking forward to trying some of the recipes at the end of the books, but I d rath...

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    Pretty adorable Cooking and baking Shoujo manga

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