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I Still See Her Haunting Eyes: The Holocaust & a Hidden Child Named Aaron A Unique And Unflinching Look Into A Boy S Fight For Survival As A Jew In World War II PolandThe Book, Told In The Voice Of Young Aaron Elster, Takes A Unique And Unflinching Look Into A Boy S Fight For Survival In His Solitude, The Boy Questions Why His Mother Abandoned Him And His Very Existence In This World.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • I Still See Her Haunting Eyes: The Holocaust & a Hidden Child Named Aaron
  • Aaron Elster
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9780975987520

10 thoughts on “I Still See Her Haunting Eyes: The Holocaust & a Hidden Child Named Aaron

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    I know Aaron Elster personally and I m living in the same town he was living before war and where he was hiding In Sokolow before WWII 60% population were Jewish Now none His book is very important testimony of that missing world which exist only in old peoples memory Soon it will disappear forever, that is why books like this are so important Thank you Aaron for writing it

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    I have read plenty of books about the Holocaust survivors but this one was different This family was really amazing on how they manage to survival for so long Then Aaron was an amazing little boy He really wanted to live and did everything possible to make it This shows the human spirit cannot be commanded to give up Love the book and I thank God for giving this family the strength to survive.

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    Aaron Elster wanted to tell people about the horrors of his childhood This is the perfect way of doing that He wrote the story of his life as a Jew during the Holocaust and the things he had to go through to survive Many of those things we can t imagine, waking up with the fear of being caught and killed for no reason I still see her haunting eyes by Aaron Elster is a Memoir, it s writen by him and about his childhood I don t think there is an intended audiance It s made for all people who are interested in learning about a Jews life during the holocaust I found this book was very saddening, some of the things you can relate to That gives you of a connection with the book you re reading I belive the fact that he had to live with the knowlage that Irene, his older sister, could live a normal life like a normal person because she doesn t look Jewish Guys can t do that, It s hard to explain but all they have to do is drop their pants and they ll know that their Jewish Living with fear and the fact that you could die in the next three minutes is enough to drive anyone to madness Aaron didn t let these things take advantage of him He kept telling himself that he d get through this and be reunited with his family After his father told him to run, or his mother told him to leave her The only person he ever saw again was Irene I was introduced to this book when I met Aaron Elster He came to my old school and talked about his life infront of the whole high school He relived the terrible memories of the past, to teach us, not to let that happen again I believe that his greatest wish is to forget his past and only focus on the future, and to teach us to live peacefully with the people around him.

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    Absolutely fabulous This story is about the heart wrenching trials of a 10 year old Jewish boy who fights to survive after his parents and younger sister are captured by the Nazis He hides in an attic until the liberation in 1945 and endures freezing cold and extreme heat, loneliness, starvation, lice, fleas, etc. It is amazing to think that such a young boy was able to survive, but he did and wrote and incredibly touching memoir His goal was to share his story so that others could understand the importance of not just standing silently by when millions of people are being slaughtered Hate breeds events like the holocaust and there are still holocausts going on all over the world today.

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at a public speaking and he signed my book after presenting to my students He is story is one that all should read I was grateful for the opportunity to meet him.

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    Aaron was a friend of my fathers, it wasn t until about 10 years ago I knew some of his story He communicates well this horrific time in his life our history.

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    Unimaginable and Heartbreaking

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    Very inspirational and moving story I purchased this book at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and was privileged to read it

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