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Impossible Bargain Impossible Bargain Free Download Author Patricia Wilson Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk I Want You To Be My Fiancee Julian Forrest S Words Were Businesslike, But Merissa S First Instinct Was To Run From The Threatening Brilliance Of The Raw Male Look Of The Man.Yet She Agreed To His Madcap Scheme To Pose As His Bride To Be, Ostensibly To Dispatch Unwanted Females From His Busy Life After All, Merissa S Modeling Work Barely Provided For An Ailing Mother And A Father S Debts, And The Fee Julian Offered Was Exorbitant.She Could Do It, Merissa Determined She D Survive The Necessary Close Contact With This Unpredictable Man And Hopefully The Whole Ridiculous Affair With Her Heart And Her Mind Still Her Own

  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Impossible Bargain
  • Patricia Wilson
  • English
  • 05 August 2018
  • 9780373111251

About the Author: Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson b 1929 was a British writer of 53 romance novels in Mills Boon from 1986 to 2004.

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    Anotha endearing, ultra jealous possessive hero who makes up an elaborate plan to blackmail heroine into a fake engagement His dubious reason to beat away his circle of hormonal skanks turns out to be a camouflage He used to be mentored by heroine s dad Heroine is a model who lives paystubs to paystubs to pay off expired, much maligned dad s debts support asthmatic mum Hero initially thinks she s a selfish, money pawing beyotch who ll frantically jump the dangled cash like King Kong jumping into Atlantic ocean the sight of bobbing ripe bananas There s a mystery involving who framed heroine s dad she suspects hero has an ulterior motive pertaining to dad s secret tapes Hero is a persistent, domineering alpha but deep down is a sweet pudding who s cwazy 4 spunky heroine he charms the lights outta heroine s mum, installing her in his cottage, buying heroine bridal gown, clothes, a new car Loaded Hero goes apeshit whenevah heroine s platonic friend so much as blinks her A mid sized conflict the end adds tension A romantic, bubbly Bickerville from start to finish It s a bit dated cuz heroine s mum reacts like it s a taboo when hero drops the bombshell on her that he s installing heroine in his domain, but he reassures her there s a ch...

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    Re Impossible Bargain PW is back with another sweet but feisty h and an H who really wants to be the typical Alpha bully HP H but is really just a marshmallow and hopelessly in love with the h to the point of obsession.The story starts with the h in restaurant with an older family male friend The OMF was her father s accountant for his highly successful chemical company, but something went badly wrong When the h s father died in an accident, lots of money was missing from the company coffers and her father was blamed The h and her mum lost everything and the mum developed severe asthma The h works doing modeling jobs whenever she can, she and her mum are determined to pay the creditor s off, tho they truly believe the father was innocent.The OMF wanders off to have chat and the h is subject to some nasty eyeballing by the H Since the h appears very worldly and sophisticated in her model persona, the H seems to be very contemptuously staring at her from across the room On the way out, he makes a...

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    I feel like I either read a different book than my GR friends, or my ability to read between the lines verges on remedial reading The poor heroine is saddled with both an impossible bargain as well as an impossible hero He sees her just sitting at a restaurant and his eagle eyes identify and peg her as a soulless, slutty vixen Okay, there is a little to it than that, but poor little virgin can t catch a break with the accusations of slutty behavior He immediately apologizes then does it all over again And again Then one time for good measure The accusations and insults are either accompanied with amused and knowing smiles or glowering frowny faces.Poor heroine is actually a beautiful but downtrodden model paying off debts her father was accused...

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    It was a good page turner but in the end, the hero engaged in such a monumental, unnecessary deceit that he just didn t sit well with me.I am not going to go through the minutiae of his scheme but suffice it to say he was trying to clear the name of heroine s father, who had been set up in a horrendous financial scandal, and at the same time, he was falling for heroine, so he came up with a ridiculous, only in HPlandia, fake fiancee scheme to achieve his ends While doing that, he managed to really hurt an already downtrodden heroine who was bearing the cross for all that her father had been accused of doing and keeping her head high while doing it His constant taunts about her selfishness, promiscuity, etc were too much The heroine was pretty spunky but she could also be incredibly dense and way too putty in hero s arms The one scene where she has her hair lacquered into a Lady Liberty style crown o...

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    Aw, this one was cute and the hero was the very definition of not knowing whether he was coming or going His Machiavellian plan to clear his former professor s name and reform the heroine had so many ridiculous layers and deceits that it got a bit muddled in the middle for him, for the heroine, and for the reader.What saved the story was how obvious the hero was in his obsession with the heroine He was smitten from the beginning and I m sure that trip on the catwalk which she turned into a grace...

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    Impossible Bargain is the story of Merissa and Julien.It was weird.Basically, our H spots the h in a fashion show, immediately presumes her to be a slut, relentlessly chases and blackmails her to be his pretend fiance, taunts her about her past and experience , takes over her life, vows to change her behavior, soon reveals a nefarious past and hidden motives.He was very controlling and judgemental, and the h tried to unsucessfully fight him throughout the book, soon giving into his ...

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    Merissa is a typical late 80s model heroine She considers most fashion to be incredibly sleazy, and approaches jobs and co workers with prickly bitchiness Underneath it all she s a sweet, kind girl, nobly bearing up against the injustices of the world.Merissa s injustices can be traced to her father s death, about four years ago He left her and her mother in debt and while it s all vague at the beginning, his reputation was in tatters when he died, and by extension Merissa and her mother are socially damaged goods.Her mother has shut down She s contributing hand wringing and a Lanister like determination to pay the family s debts, but not much else She has asthma, is in her early 40s, but apparently decrepit I had very little time for her.Into this mix drops Julian Forest the thuggishly sexy architect He completely disapproves of Merissa, who is clearly a fancy sexpot with loose morals and a selfish obsession with getting paid He pushes all of Merissa s guilt buttons her mixed feelings about the morality of her job, how tacky it is to be paid for work what , and how she isn t taking good enough care of her decrepit mother When his initial hey, how about a screw pick up doesn t work, he resorts to crazy plans Eventually, he settles on the fake fianc e plan He needs a hard nosed quick thinking bitch to fool all the women in his life into believing that he s taken No thanks, you suck, ...

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    She was a model with a brain and he was scared to fall for her because he thought she was mercenary It was a great story Too bad I could make out the villain a mile away Great read and recommend highly.

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    i did not like it Merissa was too prickly for my tastes and their constant bickering gave me a headache what woman wud not like to be swept off her feet like she was she had also found a cottage for her mother and a way to clear all her debts all thanks to Julian y...

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    The hero was the biggest jerk among Patricia Wilson s heroes And the heroine had no spine and couldn t stand up for herself But usual, the angsty ness and verbal sparring were great so I still enjoyed it.

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