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None Other Gods Frank Guiseley Was A Student At Cambridge When He Decided To Enter The Priesthood When He Heard Of That, His Father Disowned Him, Leaving Without Much Than The Clothes On His Back Note Even His Best Friend Jack Kirby Could Dissuade Frank From This Madness In The Middle Of The Night, Frank Left The Confines Of College And Set Off To Join The Clergy With Only A Handful Of Currency In His Pocket Lord Talgarth Frank S Father Wrote The Letter To Disown His Son Certain That It Would Cause His Son To Change His Plans Frank Was Supposed To Have Been Devastated And Returned A Submissive Letter Stating That He Would Not Join Clergy But That Didn T Happen, And Frank Has Run Away Lord Talgarth Has Grown Ill With Worry Jenny Launton Was Frank Guiseley S Fiance She Seems Unperturbed By Frank S Decision And Even Tells Her Cousins That She Has A Plan A Clever And Wonderful Plan That Will Bring Everything Back Together Again And Make Everything Right As Rain

  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • None Other Gods
  • Robert Hugh Benson
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9781603121019

About the Author: Robert Hugh Benson

Robert Hugh Benson was an Anglican pastor who converted to Catholicism and was received into the Church in 1903 He was ordained priest in 1904 Youngest son of Edward White Benson Archbishop of Canterbury and his wife, Mary, and younger brother of Edward Frederic Benson, he was lauded in his own day as one of the leading figures in English literature, having written the notable book Lord of the

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    This story would fit in quite well with the parables in the gospel A wealthy young man walks away from it all and gives his life away From a secular standpoint, it s a complete waste He wanders around England with no money and begging for food and shelter while he seeks work He went on this journey because he converted to Catholicism and his family disowned him On his journey, he meets two people who are likewise in need He takes an interest in them He can leave them at any time and find a way to be comfortable but he stays He does all he can to help them And there is a cost.Benson was an Anglican priest who became a Catholic He writes books about the Catholic faith that are deeply inspiring This one reminds me of St Francis of Assisi.If you like a story that makes a moral point, this is for you.

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    This book is a hagiography of an imaginary saint, whose life and achievements are every bit as pointless by the standards of the world as the life of a 4th century hermit.It is, on a human level, a story of abject failure view spoiler A promising young nobleman of the type familiar to us from countless country house murder mysteries chucks in his studies at university after his father cuts him off, sells all he owns, and wanders the countryside aimlessly He falls in with a couple who are also wandering the country aimlessly the man is no good and the woman is easily led Neither are shown to have any attractive qualities Our hero resolves to get the woman out of the hands of the man and back to her family He eventually does this He goes back to confront the man for no particularly good reason, and is beaten to death hide spoiler

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    A truly remarkable book Off to a bit of a slow start, like a lot of Benson s books are, though they mostly richly reward the effort required to get into them This story unfolds to become increasingly moving and truly inspiring, reaching an intensity that is quite hard to bear at the end And this without lapsing into maudlin sentimentalism An unforgettable book that not only lingers in the mind and heart, but also nurtures the spirit I am puzzled a little by the description under this version though Frank Guiseley is not off to join the clergy, and his father s reaction is not due to any intention on his son s part of becoming a priest It is due to the fact that he has become Catholic, and Frank s reaction to his father s response that he will cut him off is to sell the possessions he has been left with, pay his debts, and take to the road.

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    A baggy Catholic bildungsroman, and one of Fitzgerald s favorite books during the composition of This Side of Paradise, in the same quest book category as Youth s Encounter, so I couldn t resist Serves as the devil on Fitzgerald s shoulder in F Scott Fitzgerald His Art and Technique , which is very funny about it.

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    Beautiful Oh, wow, I don t even know what to say A book about the spiritual life of an imaginary character that is so delicately drawn that you hardly realize what s really going on under the exteriors of the story just as in real life Some may find it depressing, but to me it was actually singularly encouraging It is a comfort to remember that the value of one s life is not measured in external success.

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    A surprising gem of a tale I thought for a while that it was going to be a reselling of the repentant son story but rather it is a telling of a story about to follow Me you may have to abandon you mother, father and family quote in John s Gospel Sacrificing wealth, privilege and prestige to help a lost soul is admirable in any generation and in any culture I can imagine Benson went through this same trial himself when he converted from Anglicanism Lovely book about a lovely man who is Christ like.

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