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The Final Dragonkeeper WELCOME TO THE MAGICAL STORY OF A BROTHER, HIS SISTER, AND THEIR DESTINY The Reign Of The Dragonkeepers Is Coming To An End The Signs Foretelling The Arrival Of The Final Dragonkeeper Are Coming TrueA Boy Called Drake Must Fulfill His Destiny Along With His Sister, Madison, To Save The Realm Of Faerie From A Former Traitorous Dragonkeeper The Evil Hifearnan Who Wants Nothing Less Than To Rule The Whole Realm Of Faerie For All TimeDrake And Madison, With Aid Of A Grand Advisor, Will Enlist Help From Others As They Go On A Quest For The One Thing That Can Help Them Defeat Hifearnan The Mythical Dragon S Eye There Is Great Danger Along The Quest And Hifearnan Will Do Anything To Crush Them In His Path To Absolute Rule But An Ancient Horror Awaits The Final Dragonkeeper, Poised To Destroy Him And End The Quest Before It Even Begins

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    I was in the mood for a fantasy story when I found this hidden gem of a book I was not disappointed as I was swept away by the fantastic imagery that this new author provided Right from the start, I was drawn in by the liveliness of his two main characters, siblings Drake and Madison The relationship between the two was fantastic and reminded me a lot of my childhood relationship with my own sister Drake and Madison soon discover that there is a whole secret realm out there filled with dragons, gremlins, sorcerers and the like What child wouldn t want to stumble into a fantasy world like that It turns out, the sibling s parents accidently discovered this secret world years ago on an archeological dig At that time it was prophesized to them that their children were destined to save their world Obviously, the parents do everything in their power to stop their children from wandering aimlessly into danger but destiny must be fulfilled and the siblings go out to meet theirs This was a fun book to read It had a little bit of Harry Potter and maybe a little Lord of the Rings as well, but all in all it was its own original story Toward the middle, the story seemed to drag a tad bit and I started to think the book was too long But I soon changed my mind as the story picked up again and carried me to the end in typical fantasy fashion This book would be great...

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    I actually really liked this story, it was a slow starter but I soon got into it I did get a bit confused at times and had to go back and re read passages as there is so much going on but it was definitely worth the read.If you like fantasy novels I think you will like this and discovering the connections between different worlds, dragons, goblins and other beings The story centres around 2 siblings brother Drake and sister Maddie who discover the fate of the different world s lies in their hands and a prophecy written over a thousand years before dictates it is their destiny to destroy The Evil One.The relationship between the Drake and Maddie is great and it makes a refreshing change as you know there is no romantic connection going to happen so you can just concentrate on the story of the quest.There are some great twists an...

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