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Silas Seven Grandparents Silas Seven Grandparents PDF Epub Author Anita Horrocks Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Silas Is A Small Boy Who Finds A Unique Solution To Keeping Up With His Seven Adoring Grandparents Most Of The Time, Silas Loves Having Seven Grandparents Each Of Them Has Something Unique And Valuable To Offer They Take Him To Amusement Parks, Museums, Dog Shows And Camping When Silas Parents Go Away On A Business Trip, All Seven Grandparents Invite Silas To Stay With Them However, One Silas Can T Be With Seven Different Grandparents At Once How Can He Choose One Without Hurting The Others Feelings But Silas Comes Up With An Especially Good Idea That Makes Everyone Feel Included And Happy.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Silas Seven Grandparents
  • Anita Horrocks
  • English
  • 03 May 2018
  • 9781551435619

About the Author: Anita Horrocks

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Silas Seven Grandparents book, this is one of the most wanted Anita Horrocks author readers around the world.

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    Silas Seven Grandparents is realistic fiction It offers a variety of things to think about, question, or consider Especially for the younger listeners How does one acquire seven grandparents How does Silas have different grandparents How does Silas make time for all of them I love how the characters represent a variety of cultural groups The author really touched based everywhere in diversity Not just by skin, which I really appreciated For Example Opa and Oma is Silas German grandfather and grandmother, Silas has biracial grandparents, and Silas has Native American grandparents along with his own grandparents from his culture The illustration by Helen Flook showed the diversity within the grandparents All seven of Silas grandparents adores him and Silas appreciates their uniqueness He spends a lot of time with them, so I m sure they have a grave influence on him The story has a very rich in plot I like how the author doesn t make Silas choose between who he wan...

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    Silas has a lot of grandparents But he figures out a way to spend time with all of them A good cautionary tale about what happens when grandparents remarry a lot.

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    Horrocks, Anita Silas Seven Grandparents, illustrated by Helen Flook PICTURE BOOK Orca Books, 2010 11 9781459816404.Sometimes Silas seven grandparents are just too much, but most of the time he remembers how much he loves them all When his parents are going away on a business trip, Silas needs to decide which place he wants to go stay But...

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    This was a very cute book about a child who is loved by many people I like that they didn t specify why he has 7 grandparents but it was kinda fun to imagine I also liked how he had different Ames for each one When I was growing up my neighbor called her grandparents Oma and O...

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    Silas has 7 grandparents, who all love him, and who are all very different This means Silas has to make some choices when it comes time for birthdays and visitors How does he balance all of them and not hurt anyone s feelings Silas is a lucky boy, wrestling how to spread so much love out among so...

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    Sweet I like picture books that depict different kinds of families Not all kids have four grandparents Some have one Some have three Silas has seven, and the important thing is they all come together for Silas.

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    Related to this picture book as a grandma who loves to spend time with our grandchildren

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    This narrative tells about a young boy and the problems he encounters with having seven grandparents ex Six grandparents baked birthday cakes and one bought and ice cream cake, but sometimes Silas couldn t eat all his cake After all, he only has one stomach The main character is Silas and his seven grandparents oma and opa married ,nana single , gramma and papa interracial , and granny and granddaddy married In one book the author shows diversity in family structure He does this by capturing Silas relationships with nana, oma and opa, gramma and papa, as well as granny and granddad The author Anita Horrock captures the voice of Silas as events take place and Silas reminds reader that although he has seven grandparents there is only one of him ex Silas seven grandparents took him on outings over the July weekend, but sometimes Silas couldn t keep up with his seven grandparents After all, I m only one small boy, said Silas.As a teacher I could use this book to teach sequence of even...

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    This nonfiction narrative tells a story about a boy, Silas, as he attempts to juggle having seven grandparents and great grandparents, who have divorced and remarried Throughout the narrative, each of Silas grandparents are wanting his attention and time ex Silas seven grandparents helped take care of Silas when he was sick One rubbed his back, two fed him chicken soup, and four sang softly to him But sometimes seven grandparents traipsing in and out made too much commotion By the end of the story, Silas finds a way to make time for all of his grandparents without hurting anyone s feelings As a literacy teacher, I would use the text to cover a lesson on verbs ex One rubbed his back, two fed him chicken soup, and four sang softly to him The students could interact with the text by having them write about their grandparents The activity would be about discussing the nu...

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    Silas Seven Grandparents is about a young boy enjoying the life of spending time with ALL seven of his grandparents The story is narrated by Silas describing the different activities him and his grandparents does while his parents are on a business trip ex Amusement park, camping, and golfing Even for his birthdays he receive seven cakes, one from each grandparent As a teacher, I will use this text to relate to families at home I will ask ab...

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