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Calculus Drawing On Their Decades Of Teaching Experience, William Briggs And Lyle Cochran Have Created A Calculus Text That Carries The Teacher S Voice Beyond The Classroom That Voice Evident In The Narrative, The Figures, And The Questions Interspersed In The Narrative Is A Master Teacher Leading Readers To Deeper Levels Of Understanding The Authors Appeal To Readers Geometric Intuition To Introduce Fundamental Concepts And Lay The Foundation For The Rigorous Development That Follows Comprehensive Exercise Sets Have Received Praise For Their Creativity, Quality, And Scope.

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    Used it for Calc 1 2 Transferred to a different uni, the in house Calc 3 book they had made me miss this book sorely Not bad at all, I can only remember one or two sections that I couldn t wrap my head around.

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    This was an okay math book It was very well written with great explanations in the beginning, but around Chapter 6, the explanations became muddled and cloudy hence my evaluation.

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    I used this book for Calculus 1, 2 3 It s decent at points, but really fell down at others, and tended to give really bad examples or none at all I felt it nearly impossible to understand the last chapter thank god for online resources, because with this book alone I would have been in trouble.

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    A great calculus book which explains the subject in a comprehensible way so people can understand it Used it for cal 1, 2 and 3 and use it for review now.

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    love all problems from this shit

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