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Academic Skills Problems This Popular Practitioner Guide And Text Presents An Effective, Problem Solving Based Approach To Evaluating And Remediating Academic Skills Problems Leading Authority Edward S Shapiro Provides Practical Strategies For Working With Students Across All Grade Levels K Who Are Struggling With Reading, Spelling, Written Language, Or Math Step By Step Guidelines Are Detailed For Assessing Students Learning And Their Instructional Environment, Using The Data To Design Instructional Modifications, And Monitoring Student Progress The Research Base For The Approach Is Accessibly Summarized The Companion Workbook, Available Separately, Contains Practice Exercises And Reproducible Forms

  • Hardcover
  • 447 pages
  • Academic Skills Problems
  • Edward Steven Shapiro
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9781606239605

About the Author: Edward Steven Shapiro

Edward S Shapiro b.1951 is a professor of school psychology at the Center for Promoting Research to Practice, College of Education, at Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA.

10 thoughts on “Academic Skills Problems

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    I have really mixed feelings about this book While I feel that it had several useful parts, I dislike its purpose in my Psychological Testing class for the following reasons 1 It was written for elementary school PSYCHOLOGISTS That will not be me But, my professor IS an elem school psych, so she LOVES this book I don t plan to work at the elementary level, NOR be a psychologist.2 This book might also be helpful for elementary school TEACHERS Once again, I do not fit either category.3 The repetitiveness of this book demonstrates that the author does not know how to accurately organize a book Entire pages of chapters were IDENTICAL That s ridiculous Find a better organization technique, or don t make the book so long If I read it once, I don t need to see the same thing again three chapters later, and if I do, I ll go back and read it 4 This is just a perosnal pet peeve but citing yourself Yuck Way to have an ego boost.5 Is there a way to utilize foot notes or end notes So many sentences and paragraphs become distracting because of the several citations belonging to that sentence.

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    Positives Shapiro introduces a variety of interventions as well as additional resources to learn specific interventions for academic areas Case studies at the end helped bring the content full circle Information presented is beneficial for teachers and psychologists, so in the elementary level Negatives Organization many times I felt I was reading the same material over again My professor mentioned his desire for the book to be organized by the RTI process, and I agree That may make for a useful read Repetition of materialAppropriate gains were made with the interventions It would have been beneficial to have one case where he discussed where the interventions didn t work as well as expected therefore, resulting in further testing Seeing how the failed interventions affected the assessment process in terms of choosing tests and making hypothesis would have been a critical piece for further understanding RTI as a whole.

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