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    Imaginative Funny Accessible and yet insightful and thought provoking I look forward to reading the rest of this Afterlife series indeed Well done

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Death and Other Inconveniences Penny Lane Is Brutally Murdered On Her Thirtieth Birthday She Is Catapulted Into A Strange Afterlife World, Not Dissimilar From The One She Just Came From She Is Immediately Sent To Work As A Melter, Deciding The Fates Of Murderers And Ultimately Whether They Should Be Reformed, Reincarnated, Or Melted Only A Few Are Chosen For Such A Position, And She Must Deal With The Celebrity Status That Goes Along With It Penny Enjoys The Perks Of The Afterlife Like Calorie Free Eating And A Money Free Society Where She Has Been Reunited With Her Childhood Dog, Rufus, And Befriended The Handsome, Popular, Head Greeter, Avery After Falling For Her Medieval Love And Finding Strength In Her Life, Her New World Is Turned Upside Down When One Of The Murderers On Her Shift EscapesThis Story Is Of A Young Woman Who Must Learn To Survive Her New Environment, But Also Find Strength Within Herself Death And Other Inconveniences Is A Fun, And Sometimes Poignant Story That May Just Eliminate Your Fear Of Taking The Next Step