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    Page 5 lays out the coverage of this book Here, we see a map of the eastern seaboard with major forts of the time Among the countries whose forts are depicted throughout the slender Osprey volume in the Fortress series British, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish From Newfoundland to Florida, from Philadelphia to Fort Pitt to Niagara and Venango The text notes Page 4 The forts built in the Thirteen Colonies were extremely varied in type and were built in very large numbers Another quick note Few of the forts were made of masonry And many hundreds of forts were ramble scramble affairs built by the colonists themselves A chronology on pages 6 7 notes the story of forts from the 16th century to 1763 The coverage includes forts in Canada as well.But it is the story of the forts themselves that is at the heart of this story So many are discussed in the sixty pages of text means that there is little depth on any of these However, the breadth of consideration still brings value to this work.Among the early forts Fort Raleigh named after Sir Walter, who sponsored expeditions of settlement on Roanoke Island in 1585 Forts that are diagrammed from the very early years include Fort Comfort near Hampton, Virginia , Fort George in Maine , Fort Amsterdam in New Amsterdam now New York , and James Fort in Jamestown, VA The three British forts and the one Dutch fort were constructed in the early 1600s Other forts are considered as well Some random examples the Dutch fort, built in 1709, Fort Stillwater along the Hudson River Fort Christina a Swedish fort , built along the Delaware River, where Wilmington, Delaware now stands.The book concludes with an all too brief discussion of life in the forts and then another one paragraph on the fate of these forts most, of course, no longer exist , although some have been restored.In the end, a nice albeit thin book providing entree to forts of North America.

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The Forts of Colonial North America The Second In A Two Volume Study Of Forts In Colonial North America, This Title Offers A Detailed Look At Various Types Of Fortifications Built Between The Times Of The Earliest British Settlements In North America In The Late Th Century Until The End Of The Seven Years War, When France Ceded New France To Britain With Photographs Of These Sites As They Are Today, Specially Commissioned Artwork Depicting The Forts In Their Original Uses And Detailed Maps, Author Rene Chartrand Also Provides Readers A Valuable Look Back At Early American Colonial Life Altogether, A Comprehensive, Detailed Look Into An Important Aspect Of American History, And One That Is Still Visible Across The Landscape TodayForts Included Roanoke Island Fours Forts Built By The Colonists Of North Carolina, Jamestown He First Permanent Settlements Built By Colonists, Starting In Early British Fortifications In New England, Nova Scotia, And Along The Coast Early Dutch Fortifications In What Is Now New York, Connecticut And New Jersey Swedish Fortifications In Delaware, Forts In Newfoundland And The Hudson Bay Area, Built By The French But Ceded To Britain Castle William, Boston Fort Oswego, Lake Ontario Frontier Forts Along The Ohio River And Lake George Fort Pitt And Crown Point, Built To Secure British American Conquests