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Alena Tribune Titus Has A Hard On From The Moment He Lays Eyes On Princess Alena, So When She Asks Him To Marry Her And Father Her Child To Join Their Nations, He Eagerly Agrees Alena Chose Titus Because She Feels She Knew Him In A Previous Life When He Touches Her Breast And Brings Her To Orgasm With His Fingers, She Is Sure He Is Her First Man And They Explore Many Different Ways To Pleasure Each Other Titus Is Now Ready To Believe That He May Have Known Her In A Previous LifeWhen He Renounces The Roman Army And They Must Take Different Routes To Reach Their New Home In Northern Britannia, Their Love Is So Strong They Are Able To Connect In Their Dreams And Have A Phantom Like Sex That Results In Orgasm And Their Reunion Is Spectacular

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    An alternative to Nytol Even copulation every 8 pages or so after chapter 3 couldn t save this book I m disappointed as I enjoy books set in Roman times which are hard to find.

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