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Laird of the Mist Laird Carrick MacDonell Believed He Fought Well At The Battle Of Culloden Moor In 1746, But Not Well Enough Having Lost Most Of His Clan As Well As His Beloved Wife, He Is A Broken Man To Assuage His Pain, He Seeks The Assistance Of A Witch To Help Him Die Instead, She Informs Him That His Wife Is Reincarnated In 2009 And She Sends Him Through Time To Find Her Carrick Arrives In 2009 And Finds Jenny, Now Caitriona MacPhail Believing Him To Be A Reeanctor From A Highland Games, Cat Puts No Stock In His Story And Turns Him Over To Her Scottish Grandfather, A Retired Doctor Who Believes Carrick S Tale Cat Eventually Remembers Carrick And They Are Wed In Scotland Cat Is Accidentally Transported Back To 1746, Two Days Before Cumberland Wreaks Destruction On The Glen Carrick And Cat S Grandfather And Sister Find A Way To Travel Back To 1746 To Save Her They Arrive Amidst Cumberland S Butchery And Begin To Pick Up The Pieces Of Their Lives.

  • Paperback
  • 210 pages
  • Laird of the Mist
  • Foery K. MacDonell
  • English
  • 18 February 2017
  • 9781449538750

About the Author: Foery K. MacDonell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Laird of the Mist book, this is one of the most wanted Foery K. MacDonell author readers around the world.

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    Laird of the Mist is a time travel romance novel written by Foery K MacDonell.CharactersCarrick MacDonell is the leader to his clan A son, brother, and widow who is heartbroken over the loss of his wife at the Battle of Culloden Moor He does all he can to reunite with love, Jenny Caitriona MacPhail is the reincarnation of Carrick s beloved wife Jenny.Romance PlotCarrick travels across time in order to be reunited with the reincarnation of his wife Even though their personalities or qualities may not be the same When he meets Caitriona, she is at first disbelieving that he came from another time but slowly remembers her time with him.As Carrick and Caitriona are back together, they must stop the destruction on the glen, thus, travel back in time.Final ThoughtsIt was hard to keep my interest in this time travel romance novel It felt like all the characters, whether it was the main or the secondary ones, were all too ready to accept the idea that people can time travel with one exception There was no real struggle or confusion, they accepted it like it was a common occurrence.I liked the idea of the plot but it didn t work for me.For of my reviews, please visit my blog at

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    Scotland s national poet, Robert Burns, once wrote Would some power the giftie gie us, tae oorselves as others see us Burns was inspired to write this after watching a louse crawl up the bonnet of a rather snooty lady in his local church The sentiment works every bit as well on a national level, and Scots are always interested in how the rest of the world especially our cousins across the Pond view us The general image seems to be of someone loyal, hot headed, rugged, old fashioned, sometimes unintelligible, particularly after a dram or two of good Highland whisky That s whisky without the e , the way God intended it should be spelt.It s clear from the start of Foery MacDonell s Laird Of The Mist that the author knows Scotland and Scottish people She writes not just as a child of the great Highland diaspora of the nineteenth century, but as someone who has come from a family that has kept the old flame burning Not just as someone who is drawn to the romance of the Highlands, but as someone who takes pride in her Highland ancestry It shows in those little nuggets of information that are scattered throughout this book, and which have clearly been learned as part of her heritage She has obviously visited the area and knows the glens and lochs in which her story is set Consequently there s an authenticity to her writing which is absent from that of many American writers of Scottish romance.Even her Highland dialogue is closer to the real thing than most of her contemporaries It s not quite there though there are words used which would only be spoken by a Lowlander It s all the fault of Sir Walter Scott of course He was a Border Laird and his Highlanders spoke as if they hailed from Dumfries rather than the Gaelic North This set the trend which is followed to this day, even by such notables as Diana Gabaldon Believe me, in 1746 her Jamie would have been strung up as a Lowland spy.This minor quibble apart, Foery MacDonell has written an absorbing time travel romance I enjoyed the way the characters grew and evolved as the story progressed, and loved the way the tale ended Hopefully paving the way for a sequel perhaps

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    Laird Carrick MacDonell believed he fought well at the Battle of Culloden Moor in 1746, but not well enough Having lost most of his clan as well as his beloved wife, he is a broken man To assuage his pain, he seeks the assistance of a witch to help him die Instead, she informs him that his wife is reincarnated in 2009 and she sends him through time to find her Carrick arrives in 2009 and finds Jenny, now Caitriona MacPhail Believing him to be a reeanctor from a Highland games, Cat puts no stock in his story and turns him over to her Scottish grandfather, a retired doctor who believes Carrick s tale Cat eventually remembers Carrick and they are wed in Scotland Cat is accidentally transported back to 1746, two days before Cumberland wreaks destruction on the glen Carrick and Cat s grandfather and sister find a way to travel back to 1746 to save her They arrive amidst Cumberland s butchery and begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

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