Just After Midnight

Just After Midnight From the New York Times bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes an uplifting and poignant novel about friendship, trust, and facing your fears No longer tolerating her husband s borderline abuse, Faith escapes to her parents California beach house to plan her next move She never dreamed her

Guilty Not Guilty

Guilty Not Guilty Thrillers that race from the very first page Felix Francis novels gallop along splendidly Jilly Cooper From winning post to top of the bestseller lists Sunday Times It is said that everyone over a certain age can remember distinctly what they were doing when they heard that President

When You Are Near (Brookstone Brides, #1)

When You Are Near (Brookstone Brides, #1) After her father s death, Lizzy Brookstone, the star trick rider of the all female Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza, takes over management of the traveling show In her new role, she has to work with both Wesley DeShazer, the man who once broke her heart, and Jason Adler, her financial partner.

Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2)

Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses, #2) When Miss Poppy Garrison accepts her grandmother s offer of financial help for her family in exchange for Poppy joining the New York social season, she quickly realizes she is far less equipped to mingle with the New York Four Hundred than even she knew As she becomes embroiled in one hilarious

All Roads Lead to You (Stay, #3)

All Roads Lead to You (Stay, #3) All bets are off in this heartfelt romance by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst Happily single, Harper Bishop trusts in only one passion her rescue farm and healing her thoroughbred, Phoenix Her dream is to lead him to the Triple Crown But how unreachable is it without experience

Front Runner

Front Runner Jefferson Hinkley is back in the newest Dick Francis thriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Damage.In his role as an undercover investigator for the British Horseracing Authority, Jeff Hinkley is approached by a multi time champion jockey to discuss the delicate matter of losing races


Ashlords Red Rising meets The Scorpio Races in this epic fantasy following three phoenix horse riders skilled at alchemy who must compete at The Races the modern spectacle that has replaced warfare within their empire Every year since the Ashlords were gifted phoenix horses by their gods, they ve raced

The Body in the Castle Well (Bruno, Chief of Police #12)

The Body in the Castle Well (Bruno, Chief of Police #12) A missing art student An international investigation A secret that will shatter the village of St Denis Bruno, chief of police, faces a dark reckoning with France s past in this page turning mystery A rich American art student is found dead at the bottom of a well in an ancient hilltop castle.

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Jeff Hinkley, investigator for the British Horseracing Authority, has been seconded to the US Federal Anti Corruption in Sports Agency FACSA where he has been asked to find a mole in their organization an informant who is passing on confidential information to those under suspicion in American

The Something Girl (Frogmorton Farm, #2)

The Something Girl (Frogmorton Farm, #2) From the bestselling author of The Chronicles of St Mary s The Nothing Girl has grown up It s life as usual at Frogmorton Farm which is to say that events have passed the merely eccentric and are now galloping headlong towards the completely bizarre Once again Jenny struggles to stay afloat in

The Good Thieves

The Good Thieves A dazzling tale of wild hope, lingering grief, admirable self sufficiency, and intergenerational adoration Publishers Weekly starred review Vita tests her own limits, and readers will thrill at her cleverness, tenacity, and close escapes Booklist A satisfying adventure Kirkus Reviews


Pulse New York Times bestselling author Felix Francis is back in the newest thrilling adventure in the Dick Francis tradition A smartly dressed man has been found unconscious at the local racecourse and is rushed to the hospital, where he subsequently dies But who is he Where does he come from He had

Survive the Night (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit, #3)

Survive the Night (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit, #3) He s always been a haven For the lost The sick The injured But when a hunted woman takes shelter in his arms, this gentle giant swears he ll do than heal her battered spirit he ll defend her with his life K9 Officer Otto Gunnersen always had a soft spot for anyone in need As Monroe s very

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Black Beauty spends his youth in a loving home, surrounded by friends and cared for by his owners But when circumstances change, he learns that not all humans are so kind Passed from hand to hand, Black Beauty witnesses love and cruelty, wealth and poverty, friendship and hardship Will the

The Black Stallion (The Black Stallion, #1)

The Black Stallion (The Black Stallion, #1) Published originally in 1941, this book is about a young boy, Alec Ramsay who finds a wild black stallion at a small Arabian port on the Red Sea Between the black stallion and young boy, a strange understanding grew that you lead them through untold dangers as they journeyed to America Nor could

Misty of Chincoteague (Misty, #1)

Misty of Chincoteague (Misty, #1) On an island off the coasts of Virginia and Maryland lives a centuries old band of wild ponies Among them is the most mysterious of all, Phantom, a rarely seen mare that eludes all efforts to capture her that is, until a young boy and girl lay eyes on her and determine that they can t live without