The Making of Modern Japan

The Making of Modern Japan Magisterial in vision, sweeping in scope, this monumental work presents a seamless account of Japanese society during the modern era, from 1600 to the present A distillation of than fifty years engagement with Japan and its history, it is the crowning work of our leading interpreter of the mo

Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan Winner of the Pulitzer PrizeIn this groundbreaking biography of the Japanese emperor Hirohito, Herbert P Bix offers the first complete, unvarnished look at the enigmatic leader whose sixty three year reign ushered Japan into the modern world Never before has the full life of this controversial fig


Hiroshima On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom bomb ever dropped on a city This book, John Hersey s journalistic masterpiece, tells what happened on that day Told through the memories of survivors, this timeless, powerful and compassionate document has become a classic that stirs th

The Rape of Nanking

The Rape of Nanking In December 1937, the Japanese army invaded the ancient city of Nanking, systematically raping, torturing, and murdering than 300,000 Chinese civilians n nThis book tells the story from three perspectives of the Japanese soldiers who performed it, of the Chinese civilians who endured it, and o

A History of Japan

A History of Japan This is one of the most classic books of Japanese history and still the preeminent work on the history of Japan Newly revised and updated, A History of Japan is a fascinating look at the nation of Japan throughout history Starting in ancient Japan during its early pre history period A History of J

Emperor of Japan: Meiji and His World, 1852-1912

Emperor of Japan: Meiji and His World, 1852-1912 When Emperor Meiji began his rule, in 1867, Japan was a splintered empire, dominated by the shogun and the daimyos, who ruled over the country s than 250 decentralized domains and who were, in the main, cut off from the outside world, staunchly antiforeign, and committed to the traditions of th

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha A literary sensation and runaway bestseller, this brilliant debut novel presents with seamless authenticity and exquisite lyricism the true confessions of one of Japan s most celebrated geisha n nIn Memoirs of a Geisha, we enter a world where appearances are paramount where a girl s virginity is auc

A History of Japan, 1615-1867

A History of Japan, 1615-1867 This is the concluding volume of a three volume work that culminates the life study of the West s most distinguished scholar of Japanese history A straightforward narrative of the development of Japanese civilization to 1867, the three volumes constitute the first large scale comprehensive history

Early Modern Japan

Early Modern Japan This thoughtfully organized survey of Japan s early modern period 1568 1868 is a remarkable blend of political, economic, intellectual, literary, and cultural history The only truly comprehensive study in English of the Tokugawa period, it also introduces a new ecological perspective, covering na

Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War

Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War A powerful and unflinching account of the enduring impact of nuclear war, told through the stories of those who survived n nOn August 9, 1945, three days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the United States dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, a small port city on Japan s southernmost island

Showa 1953-1989: A History of Japan

Showa 1953-1989: A History of Japan The final volume in the Eisner nominated history of Japan one of NPR s Best Books of 2014 Showa 1953 1989 A History of Japan concludes Shigeru Mizuki s dazzling autobiographical and historical account of Showa period Japan, a portrait both intimate and ranging of a defining epoch The final volume