Stuff Things make us just as much as we make things And yet, unlike the study of languages or places, there is no discipline devoted to the study of material things This book shows why it is time to acknowledge and confront this neglect and how much we can learn from focusing our attention on stuff.The

The Social Life of Things

The Social Life of Things Contributors to this volume examine how things are sold and traded in a variety of social and cultural settings The work strives to reveal the underlying social and political mechanisms that regulate taste, trade and desire and to demonstrate the ways people attach value to objects.

Material Cultures: Why Some Things Matter

Material Cultures: Why Some Things Matter The field of material culture, while historically well established, has recently enjoyed something of a renaissance Methods once dominated by Marxist and commodity oriented analyses and by the study of objects as symbols are giving way to a ethnographic approach to artifacts This orientation

Handbook of Material Culture

Handbook of Material Culture The Handbook of Material Culture provides a critical survey of the theories, concepts, intellectual debates, substantive domains, and traditions of study characterizing the analysis of things This cutting edge work examines the current state of material culture as well as how this field of study


Materiality Throughout history and across social and cultural contexts, most systems of belief whether religious or secular have ascribed wisdom to those who see reality as that which transcends the merely material Yet, as the studies collected here show, the immaterial is not easily separated from the

The White Road: Journey Into an Obsession

The White Road: Journey Into an Obsession Extraordinary new non fiction, a gripping blend of history and memoir, by the author of the award winning and bestselling international sensation, The Hare with Amber Eyes In The White Road, bestselling author and artist Edmund de Waal gives us an intimate narrative history of his lifelong

A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts

A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts History is right under our feet we just need to dig a little to find it Though not the most popular construction project, Boston s Big Dig has contributed to our understanding and appreciation of the city s archaeological history than any other recent event Joseph M Bagley, city